Jamie Otis Reveals If She Would Let Daughter Henley Find Love on Married during First Sight

After being detrimental in love, Jamie Otis found a happy culmination with Doug Hehner on existence uncover Married during First Sight.

But would a new mom let her 4-month-old daughter Henley join a uncover when she’s prepared to find her ideal match?

“Quite honestly, we don’t know if we would,” Otis — who met Hehner for a initial time on their marriage day — says in a shave common exclusively with PEOPLE.

“Then we have to remember that that’s how we found adore and if we had never non-stop my mind and my heart, we wouldn’t be station here with my pleasing daughter.”

Either way, a existence star isn’t meditative utterly that distant forward yet. “Let’s only siphon a brakes!” says Otis, 31.

Jamie Otis and daughter Henley

On Tuesday afternoon, Otis opened adult on Instagram about her radical adore story with Hehner, 34, acknowledging her highway to “finding happily ever after is really opposite than most.”

“When we slipped this marriage dress on scarcely 4 years ago to be married during initial steer never in my wildest dreams could we truly trust it’d lead me here today, with my changed daughter happily laying on it gazing behind during me,” she captioned a honeyed print of herself with Henley on her spousal gown.

“It’s really implausible that we can watch a really initial time we met, a really initial kiss, initial dance, initial EVERYTHING.”

The new part of Married during First Sight (produced by Kinetic Content) front 9 p.m. EST on Lifetime, followed by a deteriorate culmination of Jamie and Doug Plus One during 10 p.m. EST.