Jamie Lynn Spears Says Zoey 101 Didn’t End Because She Got Pregnant: ‘Contract Was Finished’

Over a decade after observant goodbye to Zoey 101, Jamie Lynn Spears is looking behind on a renouned Nickelodeon show.

Marking a 14th anniversary of a premiere, Spears common a video of a opening credits (sung by her) on Instagram.

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“Are we ready? 14 years later…still a jam,” she captioned a post, adding a hashtags: #itdidNOTendbecauseofpregnancy and #contractwasfinished.

Not prolonged after Zoey 101 wrapped a fourth season, Spears (then 16 years old) became pregnant with her initial child, daughter Maddie Briann, with then-boyfriend Casey Aldridge.

Spears close down conjecture that her pregnancy caused a uncover to finish in a comments territory of a post.

“Oh wow we didn’t quit since we were pregnant, we waited this prolonged tell us,” one fan wrote.

“Nope,” Spears replied. “I went home to finish high propagandize and was going to pursue movies.”

Another fan asked Spears if a agreement would have been extended if not for her pregnancy, to that a singer simply replied, “No.”

In 2016, Spears reflected on being a teenage mom in an talk with PEOPLE, revelation she “was intensely frightened and shocked.”

“I couldn’t trust it,” she said. “Overall, we was a really good immature lady who suspicion she knew all about love, and clearly, we didn’t. And we consider it’s critical for immature girls to know that probity and that realness that we went through, ’cause it was scary. It wasn’t all rainbows and daisies.”

“I consider that for me, my biggest regard was, ‘Oh my goodness, we need to tell my mom and my father and my family,’ ” she continued. “And that was intensely critical to me. And also we was on a Nickelodeon show, so we felt obliged for what these immature girls were going to consider looking adult to me. And, nonetheless Zoey was totally wrapped, they still hadn’t aired a final episodes. So for me, we felt really responsible.”

Spears pronounced she satisfied her pregnancy wasn’t only about her, though also “about a people it was going to impact around me.”

“I had to make a decision, obviously, that we could go to nap with each night, though we really felt a weight and shortcoming of what my actions were,” she said. “And we had to reason myself accountable, didn’t matter how aged we was. we put myself in an adult conditions so we indispensable to hoop it like an adult.”

Spears, who married Jamie Watson in 2014, is now a mom of two; a couple welcomed daughter Ivey Joan in Apr 2018.