Jamie-Lynn Sigler Reveals ‘Guilt and Sadness’ Over Stopping Breastfeeding Her Son Due to MS

Jamie-Lynn Sigler is removing genuine about her onslaught with mixed sclerosis — specifically, how it has influenced her as a mom.

The Sopranos actress suggested to PEOPLE in Jan 2016 that she’d been battling a illness for 15 years, and has given been open about how it has influenced her life, matrimony to Cutter Dykstra and parenting sons Jack Adam, 11 weeks, and Beau Kyle, 4½.

“All my associate mommies that understanding with MS or anything that causes them to have to make choices they didn’t indispensably wish to … this is for you,” a 36-year-old star began a lengthy, intense Instagram summary she common Thursday night, alongside a photo of herself and baby Jack.

“I’m having to stop breastfeeding shortly so we can get behind on meds,” Sigler continues. “The law is, a fee of dual kids and a baby lifestyle is not a easiest on me … and we need some help.”

She laments, “What sucks is that we live with a disease that creates decisions for me a lot, and with breastfeeding we took SUCH honour that we was means to do something unequivocally overwhelming with this physique that we am constantly during fight with.”

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“This small guys stomach is struggling with a formula, and we KNOW we will both be fine, though I’m emotionally carrying to understanding with the shame and unhappiness that is entrance along with weaning us both off this enchanting time,” Sigler adds. “Any recommendation from my associate mommies on how this can be any easier?”

Support poured in from fans and associate moms alike, who speedy Sigler and praised her for doing a right thing for herself and her family.

“So many women feel such shame for having to take caring of themselves first. we am one of them,” wrote one. “The law is that though we it would tumble apart! His small stomach will adjust, we competence need to find another regulation or only wait it out. But being BRAVE adequate to contend we need assistance creates we a mom your children can demeanour adult to.”

Another chimed in, “You got this! You competence try a integrate opposite formulas to see if your small one prefers one, though possibly way, your adore is elemental and a rest isn’t. 💗”

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While MS has really thrown a wrench in certain aspects of parenting, Sigler certified in a past that motherhood speedy her to publicly exhibit her diagnosis.

“I consider when we turn a mother, you’re most some-more contemplative on things and we was meditative about my son and expecting as he got older, we would never ask him to reason this tip for me,” a singer told Harry Connick Jr. in Nov 2016.

She added, “I wish to be an instance of strength and stability and pulling past my circumstances. And so we finally got prepared to take my energy behind and be open with it.”