James Ellsworth Joins UFC Fighter Against Becky Lynch, WWE Data Leak Article, AJ Styles (Video)

– Above, Rich Swann took on Brian Kendrick in NBA 2K17 with a crook carrying to put a winner’s sock in his mouth. The video also featured appearances by AJ Styles, Rusev, and Kofi Kingston. Kendrick eventually won a diversion and Swann took his punishment.

– Earlier this month, Forbes ran an essay on WWE carrying a information trickle of over 3 million users, causing WWE to residence a conditions on their website. Wired posted an essay yesterday focusing on how tellurian blunder played into a information leaks for both WWE and Amazon, along with how this can be bound in a future. An mention from a article:

“An improperly set adult database can inadvertently display whatever information it contains online. It’s a kind of teenager blunder anyone competence make in a march of their jobs–except with a ability to impact millions of consumers and users whose information gets exposed. Even worse, misconfigurations can put information during risk in all sorts of services, not only normal databases.”

The amicable media sparring between Becky Lynch and UFC Fighter, Cris Cyborg, continued yesterday, now with a further of James Ellsworth. Cyborg posted a photoshopped picture of her spanking Lynch, Ellsworth combined in that Becky doesn’t wasn’t possibly of them, while Lynch reminded Cyborg that she doesn’t only quarrel “Once in a blue moon.”

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