James Comey’s FBI memoir: Six claims about Trump

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US President Donald Trump is working about former FBI Director James Comey’s new memoir, that is crowded of sardonic assessments of him.

The announcement likens Mr Trump to a mafia trainer and sum his emplacement on unsubstantiated claims he consorted with prostitutes during a Moscow hotel.

But there are some tools a trainer is doubtful to formula feign news.

Mr Comey says he believes Mr Trump’s hair was his possess and his much-mocked hands did not seem scarcely small.

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On Friday morning, Mr Trump launched a mad military on Twitter opposite Mr Comey.

He branded him a “weak and untruthful muck ball” and a “proven LEAKER LIAR”, whom it was his “great honour” to glow in May final year.

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The White House and a allies have launched an all-out debate to oppose a publication, even rising a website, lyincomey.com.

A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies Leadership is due to be published on Tuesday, though allege copies have been performed by US media outlets. Here is a preference of what’s in it.

‘Mafia Don’

Mr Comey, who as a prosecutor progressing in his career helped mangle adult a Gambino crime family, reportedly compares Mr Trump to a crime lord.

He writes that interactions with a trainer gave him “flashbacks to my progressing career as a prosecutor opposite a Mob”.

“The wordless round of assent,” he continues. “The trainer in finish control. The faithfulness oaths. The us-versus-them worldview.

“The fibbing about all things, vast and small, in use to some formula of faithfulness that put a organization above probity and above a truth.”

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‘Moscow prostitutes’

The former FBI trainer writes that on during slightest 4 occasions Mr Trump lifted a matter of unverified claims that he watched prostitutes urinate in a hotel apartment during a 2013 Moscow trip.

The allegations flush in a tender comprehension dossier gathered by a former British perspective who had been hired by Mr Trump’s domestic enemies to puncture adult mud on him.

Mr Comey says Mr Trump angrily denied a claims and asked him to have a FBI oppose them since they were “terrible” for his wife, Melania Trump.

He writes that he initial broached a matter during a Trump Tower assembly in Jan 2017 shortly before a president’s inauguration.

In an pronounce with ABC News to foster a book, Mr Comey said: “He interrupted unequivocally defensively and started articulate about it, we know, ‘Do we feeling like a male who needs hookers?’

Media captionDo Trump electorate caring about a Russia investigation?

“And we insincere he was seeking that rhetorically, we didn’t answer that, and we only altered on and explained, ‘Sir, I’m not observant that we credit this, I’m not observant we trust it. We only suspicion it unequivocally critical that we know.'”

Mr Comey added: “I overtly never suspicion these difference would come out of my mouth, though we don’t know either a stream trainer of a United States was with prostitutes peeing on any other in Moscow in 2013. It’s possible, though we don’t know.”

This time it’s personal

Analysis by Anthony Zurcher, BBC News, Washington

Ten months after his blockbuster Senate testimony, James Comey is behind in a open spotlight. This time, it seems, it’s personal.

There are few new earth-shattering revelations unearthed in Mr Comey’s book so far, though a former FBI executive does strew new light and share new sum on a distinguished episodes he had extensively discussed final June. What’s altered is a opinion Mr Comey takes when deliberating a president.

His book most drips with contempt for a male in a Oval Office – his personality, his priorities and his altogether demeanour. Even though a Russia investigation, it seems rarely doubtful these dual group would have gotten along.

Now that book excerpts are being common distant and wide, courtesy turns to a arriving spate of interviews Mr Comey will commence in a entrance weeks. With his created words, he’s had a possibility to give his unchallenged account.

But what about a things he doesn’t wish to pronounce about? Allegations of FBI bias, charges – amplified by Mr Trump – that he’s a leaker and a grandstander? Questions about his doing of a FBI review into Hillary Clinton’s email server and a early days of a Trump inquiry?

There might be genuine bombshells out there, watchful to emerge.

Trump’s ‘deep insecurity’

Mr Comey records that he never saw a trainer laugh, that he pronounced was a pointer of Mr Trump’s “deep insecurity, his inability to be exposed or to risk himself by appreciating a humour of others, which, on reflection, is unequivocally really unhappy in a leader, and a tiny frightful in a president”.

He concludes that a trainer “is unethical, untethered to law and institutional values”, while his care is “transactional, ego driven”.

Media captionTrump’s love-hate attribute with Comey over a scattered year

Attorney ubiquitous ‘overwhelmed’

Mr Comey says Attorney General Jeff Sessions was of tiny assistance to him during an Oval Office assembly in Feb 2017 when Mr Trump allegedly asked Mr Comey to pronounce secretly with him.

The former FBI executive has formerly purported that Mr Trump urged him to dump a review into inhabitant confidence confidant Michael Flynn, who mislaid his pursuit after fibbing about meetings with a Russian ambassador.

Mr Comey says he thereafter confronted Mr Sessions about since he had concluded to leave, saying: “You can’t be kicked out of a room so he can pronounce to me alone.

“You have to be between me and a president.”

But Mr Comey says Mr Sessions seemed “both impressed and overmatched by a job”.

He “cast his eyes down during a table, and they darted fast behind and forth, side to side.

“He pronounced nothing. we review in his viewpoint and face a summary that he would not be means to assistance me.”

Obama roughly done Comey cry

Mr Comey was excoriated by Democrats for reopening a review into Hillary Clinton’s emails, a preference she partly blames for her startle detriment in a 2016 election.

But a FBI executive says he was roughly altered to tears in a issue of a opinion by a private declaration from President Obama about his doing of a Clinton inquiry.

Mr Comey writes that a Democratic trainer told him in a White House meeting: “I picked we to be FBI executive since of your firmness and your ability.

“I wish we to know that zero – zero – has happened in a final year to change my view.”

The FBI executive says he scarcely wept as he told Mr Obama: “Boy, were those difference we indispensable to hear. I’m only perplexing to do a right thing.”

“I know,” Mr Obama said, according to Mr Comey’s book. “I know.”

Trump’s hair and hands

Mr Comey, who is 6ft 8in, says that when he initial met a 6ft 3in president-elect he seemed shorter than he did on TV.

“His face seemed somewhat orange,” Mr Comey reportedly writes, “with splendid white half-moons underneath his eyes where we insincere he placed tiny tanning goggles, and impressively coifed, splendid blond hair, that on tighten investigation looked to be all his.

“As he extended his hand, we done a mental note to check a size. It was smaller than mine, though did not seem scarcely so.”