Jake Paul Is Developing A Late-Night Talk Show…

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Controversial YouTube star vlogger Jake Paul is building a speak uncover in partnership with YouTube Red, according to media reports.

The rarely charged douche-bro Internet star reportedly wants a uncover to have a late-night accumulation uncover feel, with a commander set to be shot and expelled as early as May, according to reports.

Paul himself will horde and executive produce.

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A YouTube mouthpiece spoke publicly during a finish of a week about a project, confirming a existence and adding some critical sum about only how distant along a speak uncover is (below):

“Last year, we intent in early growth deals with a handful of YouTube creators as partial of a normal routine to weigh new artistic ideas. There is no array sequence now in place.”

Sounds… tepid?

(You can demeanour that word adult if we need to, Jake.)

Paul and his organisation have had a bad go of it recently removing kicked off his cash-cow Disney uncover Bizaardvark, only as his hermit Logan Paul was severely reprimanded by YouTube after filming a passed physique in a self-murder timberland in Japan and posting it online.

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They have a outrageous following of teenage girls that’ll substantially follow Jake to a speak show, though over that… this thing is roughly positively going to flop.

If YouTube ever even picks it adult after a pilot!!!

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