Jaclyn Stapp’s Blog: And a Beat Goes On — Even with Baby Anthony

Jaclyn Stapp is a third-time mama!

The mother of Grammy winner Scott Stapp gave birth to a couple’s third child and second son together, Anthony Issa, on Nov. 16. They are also relatives to son Daniel Issam, 7½, and daughter Milán Hayat, 11. Scott, 44, also has a 19-year-old son named Jagger.

The Creed rocker wrapped a solo debate late final year, and is essay new song during his downtime. Former Miss New York USA Jaclyn, 37, is focused on CHARM, her nonprofit gift that provides preparation and support to impecunious children.

The spouses revealed to PEOPLE exclusively in Jun that they would acquire another baby into a family, pity beautiful photos from their elegant “Royal Prince”-themed baby shower in Oct and sweet family photos introducing Anthony in December.

You can follow Jaclyn on Instagram @jaclynstapp and Twitter @mrsjstapp.

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In a house, song is really in a atmosphere and everywhere! we consider it’s in a DNA. I’m really not a singer, only a good listener surrounded by some small-sized heavy-duty talent. Not a day goes by that we won’t hear some of their many organic and really strange sounds.

Our day customarily starts out with a low-pitched alarm going off, Daniel humming during breakfast, Milán singing in a shower, baby Anthony’s Barney songs and Alexa‘s easy cocktail personification in a kitchen. we feel like a barking dogs are even perplexing to carillon in.

I’m unapproachable that song does, indeed, run in my family — and justly so, given my kids’ time in utero. Aside from regulating my Belly Buds during pregnancy to play Scott Stapp tunes, Scott mostly used my swell symbol as his personal mic to sing to a building babies.

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Now that dual of them are all grown up, there is a automobile float to and from school. Like Family Feud, a kids make a insane lurch to spin on a automobile radio.  The initial to strike a radio symbol picks a station, though after a while, they contest to change stations.

Meanwhile, my mom thoughts are, “How was propagandize today?” though it’s all good. we would rather them combat for a automobile radio hire any day in place of a TV, iPad or phones.

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Daniel and Milán both have a flourishing passion for music. They get desirous examination Daddy during home essay songs on his acoustic guitar, and afterwards visiting him during Sienna Studios in Nashville, Tennessee — to watch him work on solo manuscript No. 3 where those songs come to life.

Whether Milán, Daniel or Anthony sing in or out of tune, we have courageously blending to their honeyed voices as a tough ears have schooled to adore each note sung.

As parents, we vow, so prolonged as they desire, to encourage their low-pitched dreams as distant as they’re peaceful to take them. Music helps a kick go on and sports keep their bodies and minds strong and sharp! Whether it’s sports or music, we are indeed Team Stapp!