Jaclyn Stapp’s Blog: A Pregnant Girl’s Guide to Eating, Feeling Good and Curbing Those Cravings

Jaclyn Stapp is going to be a mom – again!

The mother of Grammy winner Scott Stapp is now expecting their third child and second son together, whom they devise to name Anthony. The integrate are already relatives to Daniel Issam, 7, and daughter Milán Hayat, 10. Scott, 44, also has a 19-year-old son named Jagger.

The Creed and Art of Anarchy rocker recently wrapped a solo tour, and is essay new song during his downtime. Former Miss New York USA Jaclyn, 37, is focused on CHARM, her nonprofit gift that provides preparation and support to impecunious children.

The spouses revealed to PEOPLE exclusively in Jun that they will acquire another baby into a family, and common beautiful photos from their elegant “Royal Prince”-themed baby shower in October.

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I remember my mom once observant when she was pregnant that she was eating for two. It seemed to me she was eating forever. That kind of mealtime led to overdrinking and, simply put, apropos over weight. She insists some people are only meant to eat.

In my profound state, some food did not settle well. My timorous stomach had to share vital space with my tiny boy. On tip of that, his hyperactivity didn’t assistance squishing a second assisting of lasagna we couldn’t resist. Like Bon Jovi, we lived on a request … and Tums. we could swear my child could smell a food entrance or had some kind of out-of-womb senses!

There was some-more movement, some-more kicking and pulling whenever we ate. So we designed opposite ways to eat healthier on a run, during home or on a road. we lift no-fuss snacks like rice cakes with almond butter or any bulb butter for high protein and fiber! These dishes need no refrigeration, and strike a mark anytime.

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Constipation partnered with pregnancy is my story. My baby is holding adult abdominal space, so we have critical constipation, bloating, heartburn and hiccups. My resolution is a few tablespoons of chia seed and flax seed in oatmeal. Scott calls it bird food, though hey, it gets a pursuit finished and it cuts down on flatus, a.k.a. tooting! So everybody is happy.

I transposed Twix and Twizzlers with almonds, prunes and dusty fruits. we got Scott and a kids bending on munching with me. Happiness arrived with visit tiny portions rather than one humongous meal. I’m in a third trimester, so we equivocate late-night binging or large meals. A congested stomach creates it tough to breathe, nap and dream. Even with 10 pillows, we have to hurl out of bed to get up. Not a flattering sight.

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I wish eating to be a fun family affair, so we have pizza night, creation a possess membrane and a kids formulating their possess toppings. My fridge is also installed with cut-up fruits, vegetables and grilled chicken, for a discerning grab-and-go.

Cravings come and go over my control — currently, they are for uninformed sashimi and avocado sushi rolls. What do we wish to do after a 8-lb. round drops? Eat, nap and be merry!

Well … not certain about how most sleep.