I’ve attempted marijuana: Nimrat Kaur

Nimrat Kaur, Nimrat Kaur film, Nimrat Kaur film Airlift, Akshay Kumar, Airlift cast, party news Nimrat Kaur says she has attempted pot once in her life, though never suspicion of creation it a daily habit.

Bollywood singer Nimrat Kaur says she has attempted pot once in her life, though never suspicion of creation it a daily habit.

Asked either she has attempted cannabis or marijuana, Nimrat pronounced in an talk for Culture Machine’s “UnBlushed” series: “It is something that we have tried, though it isn’t something that we do as a partial of my unchanging life.”

Nimrat, who came into limelight by her purpose in internationally acclaimed film “The Lunchbox” and played a pivotal impression in US domestic thriller TV array “Homeland”, pronounced entrance into showbiz was a “weird thing” for her.

“There is no one day that we arise adult and we are like ‘I wish to be an actor’. we was academically utterly inclined, so wanting to be an actor was a really uncanny thing to admit, even to myself.

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“Because we don’t have anyone in my family who is an artist, only a wording of being an actor didn’t exist,” Nimrat said.

This apart, Nimrat also common her thoughts on feminism and fitness.

She pronounced she doesn’t have a take on feminism “because we don’t consider we know a tenure really well”.

“I haven’t suspicion about it. What we do trust in is equality. There are issues that do disquiet me when we review about things like domestic violence, what women have to go through… That is really disturbing. What we can do during my level, we try doing,” pronounced Nimrat, who is also not endangered with Bollywood’s mania with skinny actresses.

In fact, she believes in being healthy and in being what she is.

“It’s good to see yourself in opposite hair and make-up. Its good to see yourself in opposite outfits. And what’s bad about staying healthy as prolonged as we am not murdering myself over it?

“I am not recurrent about my dress size. we know my physique is a certain approach and we am gentle with it. we am happy to repeat shoes, we am happy repeating outfits. It doesn’t matter,” she said.

Nimrat will be subsequent seen onscreen in “Airlift” alongside actor Akshay Kumar.

Directed by Raja Krishna Menon, “Airlift”, that is formed on a biggest depletion of Indians formed in Kuwait during a Iraq-Kuwait war, will recover on Jan 22 subsequent year.