Italy: Two die as motorway overpass collapses nearby Ancona

Media captionThe issue of a overpass fall in Ancona

A motorway overpass has collapsed nearby a north-east Italian city of Ancona, murdering two, Italian officials say.

The victims were in a automobile next a overpass when it fell down onto a A14 road, that runs between Loreto and Ancona South.

The fall concerned a proxy structure that was ancillary a bridge, Autostrade, a Italian highways group said.

Two Romanian workers were also injured, Italian media reported.

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The married integrate were killed as they gathering underneath a bridge, reports say

The dual people who died were a father and wife, creatively from a range of Ascoli Piceno, whose white Nissan Qashqai was dejected as a overpass came down, Ansa news group reported.

The overpass had been sealed to trade for upkeep work, it said.

Ansa quoted a declare named Francesco as observant a fall “happened suddenly” and a womanlike motorist in front of him braked and stopped only 10m (33ft) from a collapsed bridge.

“We were saved by a miracle,” he said.

The influenced highway is now sealed in both directions.

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