‘It Stains a Sands Red’: Film Review

Colin Minihan’s offbeat zombie film strands Brittany Allen (‘All My Children’) in a dried with a singular undead cannibal on her tail.

A Las Vegas stripper attempts to shun a zombie canon in Colin Minihan’s low-budget It Stains a Sands Red, a film whose eponymous “it” might not impute to a undead threat we’re expecting. All My Children‘s Brittany Allen is a solo protagonist here, bucking a genre’s prevalent garb format, and that’s not a usually approach Minihan’s design (co-written with Stuart Ortiz) strays from a common script. Genre fans will expected have a tough time entrance to terms with this tonally confused and infrequently harsh film, whose blurb prospects are singular notwithstanding a appeals it creates to some underserved audiences.

That “it” mentioned above is a heroine’s menstrual blood. Stuck in a dried 30 miles from a airstrip where she hopes to locate a craft divided from zombie-struck Vegas, Allen’s Molly realizes she has her period, and serve realizes that this creates her simply tracked by a zombie that killed a male she was roving with. Their low-speed follow opposite boiling sands starts as unpersuasive horror, afterwards segues into annoyance-based comedy before veering in foreigner directions.

Pop quiz: When being trailed by a flesh-eater and perplexing to locate a craft firm for island safety, do we a) splash your H2O on a go, or b) make visit array stops for hydration and cocaine? When a member of a undead race finds a deserted residence where you’re hiding, do we a) stand out a window, or b) censor in a bathtub behind a showering curtain? Those who select “b” in possibly box might be intellectually or temperamentally prepared to brand with Molly, whose miss of presence skills doesn’t taunt with a film that one suspects thinks of itself as a woman-empowering indie. Frequently anticipating herself usually a few yards divided from her slow-moving pursuer, Molly takes to derisive him loudly, repetition during him as if he’s a male who won’t stop attack on her in a bar and fixing him “Small Dick.”

But as a days pass and she survives some other dangers, Molly weirdly starts to bond with this mindless predator. In her demented state, she finally starts to feel guilty about a child she left behind in her sister’s care. The pic has taken so many pointy turns during this indicate that few viewers will be means to buy into this last-ditch maternal theme. But it’s a usually approach for Minihan to rescue his lead singer from a humiliations that got her to this point.


Production companies: Digital Interference Productions, Grasswood Media

Distributor: Dark Sky Films

Cast: Brittany Allen, Juan Riedinger, Merwin Mondesir, Kristopher Higgins, Andrew Supanz, Michael Filipowich, Nico David, Dylan Playfair

Director-Editor: Colin Minihan

Screenwriters: Stuart Ortiz, Colin Minihan

Producers: Brandon Christensen, Colin Minihan, Stuart Ortiz, Bic Tran

Executive producers: Brittany Allen, Marc Milliard

Director of photography: Clayton Moore

Composer: Blitz/Berlin


92 minutes