ISL 2015: Atletico de Kolkata win, though tripped by initial leg

Dejan Lekic support saw Iain Hume finished it 2-1 for Atletico de Kolkata yet it would not be enough. (Source: ISL) Dejan Lekic support saw Iain Hume finished it 2-1 for Atletico de Kolkata yet it would not be enough. (Source: ISL)

Iain Hume’s left-foot bombardment on a run from a Dejan Lekic support found a tip corner. Eighty-seven mins on a time and Atletico de Kolkata had reduced a domain to 3-2 on aggregate. ‘Fergie time’ loomed for Chennaiyin FC. The hosts were usually one idea divided from creation a overwhelming quip and holding this two-legged semi-final to extra-time. Fans, a sum of 68,340 of them, were on a dilemma of their seats.

Two mins after they roared, yet this time Hume was denied by a crossbar. Impossible is nothing, a supporters still believed. Then there was a letdown; a howler that finished Kolkata’s hopes.

They had a throw-in about 25 yards inside their area. With each other actor save Mohanraj positioned upfield, screw Amrinder Singh came to take it. Singh picked his right-half who fumbled with surrogate Fikru Teferra putting vigour on him. The Ethiopian won a ball, charged in towards an open idea and slotted home to make it 2-1 on a night and 4-2 on aggregate. Chennaiyin FC were in a final.

The mistake contingency have influenced Kolkata manager Antonio Habas’s composure. He left his technical area and entered a margin of play to criticism a refereeing preference into a added-on time. He was duly red-carded by Yudai Yamamoto. Habas should have destined his madness towards Mohanraj instead.

The fortifying champions were out, yet not before they fought tooth and spike during a Salt Lake Stadium on Wednesday. But erasing a three-goal necessity was too high a towering to climb. The repairs was finished in a initial leg during Pune.

Full credit

Still, Kolkata deserved outrageous credit for not giving up. They played 3-4-3 and showed their vigilant right from a outset. Lekic nutmegged his pen on 3 mins and let it fly from distance. The round missed a aim by a whisker.

Kolkata pulpy and a visitors started to crumble. They were not gripping a ball, creation stupid defensive mistakes and surrender belligerent to their rivals. One of those errors resulted in Kolkata’s opening goal. Bernard Mendy’s diseased behind header to his screw Edel Bete was brief and fell easily for Lekic, who tapped in from 4 yards. It was a box of thoroughness and communication holding a French leave.

Marco Materazzi had to reorganise. The Chennaiyin manager had to move in Elano Blumer some-more into a game. The skipper, who missed a initial leg due to suspension, was probably personification as a cover for a left back, sacrificing his prevalent No. 10 role. The Brazilian took a poetic free-kick that strike a side netting, yet he wasn’t looking gentle personification out of position. The tainted on Rino Anto suggested frustration. He perceived a booking. A notation later, Elano body-checked Izumi Arata and was propitious to shun with a talking-to by a referee.

Yamamoto’s officiating was bad throughout. It became abominable when Mohanraj head-butted a glorious Steven Mendoza and perceived usually a yellow. Materazzi – he knows a thing or dual about a offence, interjection to Zinedine Zidane – was livid on a touchline. Weak refereeing authorised tempers to fly and things went roughly out of control in a end.

Kolkata, however, didn’t remove focus. They continued to dominate. Tiri’s header from a Jaime Gavilan’s dilemma was brilliantly saved by Bete. Sameegh Doutie’s shot from 6 yards out was well blocked by Thoi Singh.

Habas tweaked and brought on Mohammed Rafique, who scored a winning idea in a final year’s final. Kolkata stepped on a gas. But Chennaiyin hung on. They had their chances though, with both Elano and Mendoza unwell to measure from tighten range. But tonight they revelled in defeat. After a delayed start to a tournament, they are now usually one win divided from lifting a cup.