Ishqbaaz 28 Aug 2017, Written Update Of Full Episode: Shivaay disowns Pinky and proposes wedlock to Anika

Shivaay (Nakuul Mehta) tells Pinky (Surbhi Chandna) that he has separated all his holds and shares to Anika’s name. Pinky stops him and says that all this belongs to her and she will not let Anika take it away. Shivaay instigates her offer and says that Anika ostensible him notwithstanding of suggestive a existence of his birth. Pinky admits that she had lied to Anika that he is Shakti and Kamini’s son to seperate her from him. She says that all that was 0 yet a lie. She says that she had to digest all this so that she could extract Anika. Anika gets shocked. Pinky tells her that she doesn’t consequence to be Shivaay’s mom and hence she had to join hands with Kamini and Maahi to pitch her out of Shivaay’s life. She tells her that it was her who got Shivaay kidnapped and finished adopt DNA reports.

Shivaay gets unhappy to know a law of his mother. Dadi slaps Pinky as she continues to tell Shivaay that she did all this for him. Shakti, Rudra and Omkara tell Pinky that she did all this out of her greed and not for Shivaay’s happiness. Shivaay tells her that it’s given of her given he is so lofty today. He tells her that if his brothers would not have been there thereafter he could have never been means to interpretation Anika’s goodness. He apologizes to Anika for carrying to go by all this. Pinky asks Shivaay not to courtesy her in front of her,atleast. Shivaay asks her to shutup and says he will not listen a word conflicting Anika.

Shivaay refuses to call her ‘Maa’ and adresses her as Pinky Singh Oberoi and tells her that she is no some-more his mom from now on. He storms out of a house. Anika gets a call from Shivaay after a while. She asks him if he is fine. He doesn’t contend a word. She tells him that she has supposed what does he wish to tell her. She goes to meets him. Shivaay gets bewildered to see her and asks how did she know that he is here. Shivaay apologizes to her for not honest her. She says she, too, should have clinging their charge and told him everything. They pledge not to bury anything from any other in a future.

Shivaay and Anika remember their past moments and get happy to sense that they are finally with any other, once again. Ragini comes there. Shivaay asks Anika to go inside. She tells him that she will never leave him alone. Ragini calls a media. A publisher asks him given did he smack adult his event with Ragini. Shivaay tells them that he never got vigilant to her in a initial place. Ragini signals a publisher to expose them a video of Anika’s aunt. In a video, she says that Anika was brought from a dustbin. Journalists ask him if Anika is an orphan. Shivaay admits that it’s constant that he has no trust about her certification yet it doesn’t matter to him now given he loves Anika for what she is.

He tells a media that he is haughty of Anika as she never mandatory a surname to get fame. A publisher reminds them that they are divorced.He tells them that it’s constant that they both hermetic on a divorce papers yet he never filed them during a probity and hence she is still his wife. He tells them that Anika never got a wedlock she viewed and hence he wants to ask her something in front of them. He bends down on his knees and proposes wedlock to her. Anika agrees. He invites all of them to their marriage. Ragini gets disheartened. Vikram asks her to accept that Anika and Shivaay are finished for any other.

Oberois get happy to see their offer on a news.Omkara and Rudra tell Shivaay that they are haughty of him. Gauri brings a cake and asks them to cut it.Shivaay and Anika feed a cake to any other.

Jhanvi tells everybody that Peter is her father Tej and Kaveri is Svetlana. All a other villagers take Peter and Kaveri’s side and tell them that they attended their matrimony 25 years ago. Jhanvi shows them a pattern of Tej Singh Oberoi. Kaveri gets irritable on Peter. Jhanvi asks him to give a test.He asks her to eat pineapple. Peter cooking it withdrawal Jhanvi shocked. ALSO READ: Ishqbaaz 27th Aug 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Shivaay incidentally exposes Pinky, frightful Anika and OmRu who sacrificed all for a lie!

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