Is Mariah Carey Getting Dropped From Her Record Label???

Mariah Carey competence get forsaken from her label.

Potential bad news for Mariah Carey!

There are murmurs she competence be removing forsaken from her label, Epic Records.

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The new flopping of her singular I Don’t and that epic New Year’s Eve opening destroy positively aren’t assisting her stay in a good graces of Epic arch L.A. Reid.

Roger Friedman of Showbiz 411 wrote:

“Yesterday — Monday– we held word that Epic Records is really unfortunate with Mariah. That new single, called “I Don’t,” was a sum failure. It was also a sum warn to Epic. They were sent a lane all completed, with no counsel from Carey’s stay that it was coming, we am told. They hadn’t listened it. “We were only told to put it out,” says a source. So they did. And it flopped.

“Now my sources contend Epic arch L.A. Reid is deliberation dropping Mariah from a label. In a time given she sealed with him, Carey has had dual singles– “I Don’t” and “Infinity.” They were not sellers, and didn’t get played on radio. There is no work being finished toward an album, and no conversations are holding place between Epic and Carey’s team.”

Friedman also said:

“I asked Mariah about a new album. She said, ‘We’re doing a array of singles. No one wants albums anymore. We have one now with this good rapper YG.'”

With how badly her final singular did, we’re not certain this is a brightest idea. Unfortunately there seems to be no one around Mariah right now to drive her in a right direction.

She desperately needs guidance!

We don’t wish to see her get forsaken — we’d like to see her behind on tip like in her excellence days! Come on, MiMi!

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