Is Kourtney Kardashian Jealous Over Younes Bendjima’s Friendship With Sofia Richie?

After Younes Bendjima was speckled holding hands with Sofia Richie, was Kourtney Kardashian mad with her bae? has a EXCLUSIVE dip on how a ‘KUWTK’ star feels about his insinuate friendship.


For a prohibited minute, it looked as if Younes Bendjima, 24, was two-timing Kourtney Kardashian, 38. The boxer-turned-model was spotted carrying a drink with Sofia Richie, 18, during LA Liquid Juice Bar, holding hands before embracing in a parsimonious cuddle during a end. It turns out that Sofia and Younes have been tighten friends for a while now, though did this PDA-filled assembly give Kourt reason to feel jealous? It turns out – no! “Kourtney now trusts Younes completely,” a source EXCLUSIVELY tells


“He’s been zero though honest and trustworthy,” a insider added, calming that all is good between a Keeping Up with a Kardashians star and her prohibited new bae. “He’s crazy about her and would never lie and hurt a relationship. Younes and Sophie are friends though that is it. Kourtney isn’t sceptical one bit. Younes was right behind during Kourt’s side after he met Sophia.” In fact, Younes is so crazy about Kourt, that’s all he could speak about when he sat down with Sofia, as he gushed over his romance. It seems that notwithstanding that initial scare, a adore between Younes and Kourt is still clever and steady.

It is a bit peculiar that Sofia Richie — a immature lady during a heart of a 2016 liaison that done Justin Bieber, 23, leave Instagram – was carrying a discerning discuss over drinks with a beloved of Kourtney Kardashian, who had a rumored hurl with a Biebs. Perhaps a universe is smaller than we think? As it is, Kourt and Justin reunited – not during a hotel room during 3 AM though during church! Both Justin and Kourt attended a Hillsong Church use in Hollywood on Aug. 16. They arrived solo and it’s misleading if they interacted together.

While Kourt is cold with Younes assembly adult with Sofia, she’d flip out if he hung out with Chloe Bartoli, 27. Kourt’s ex – and a father of her 3 children – Scott Disick, 34, was held cuddling and kissing with Chloe, and that’s one chairman Kourtney never wants to see again. “[She] despises Chloe and has never forgiven her for hooking adult with Scott,” a source EXCLUSIVELY told Because Sofia and Chloe are “super tight,” Kourt done it ideally transparent to Younes that if he ever hung out with her, a KUWTK star would be super “pissed off.”

What do we consider about Younes being friends with Sofia, HollywoodLifers? Do we consider he and Kourt are meant to be together?

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