Is Glenn Beck JEALOUS Of Tomi Lahren??

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And a play continues!

As we reported, Tomi Lahren was dangling from Glenn Beck‘s TheBlaze after she suggested she was pro-choice on The View.

But what accurately is a genuine reason behind a pundit’s punishment?? Well, it depends who we ask!

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According to sources, a blonde was benched simply since her views about termination were unsuitable with those of a regressive network.

Apparently, TheBlaze staffers were so pissed about her comments, they were “on a verge of rebellion.”

On a flip side, insiders from Tomi’s stay trust a 53-year-old TV and radio horde is sceptical that a 24-year-old is removing most some-more courtesy in a media.

We have a feeling this argument isn’t going to finish anytime soon!

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