Is ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ On Tonight? NFL Preseason Football & Donald Trump Suspend Series

We know — if you’re on a eastward coast, you’re almost panicking right now given instead of mindful your favorite ‘Bachelor’ commonwealth stars hooking adult and confusing to find love, you’re mindful a football being thrown around. Here’s why.


We can’t trust we’re mindful this Bachelor Nation, yet if we live on a eastward coast, you’re going to have to wait until during smallest 1am ET to watch your favorite guilty pleasure, Bachelor In Paradise. Not customarily is NFL Preseason Football scheduled to atmosphere on ABC from 8-11pm ET, yet Donald Trump is also set to give a primetime chateau to a commonwealth tonight during 9pm ET. His discuss about his new digest for Afghanistan will customarily cancel a ongoing football game, yet presumably way, we’d rather be hearing Bachelor In Paradise. Don’t we agree?


Bachelor In Paradise will atmosphere unwavering time on a west coast, yet everybody on a eastward shore will have to wait until a early morning hours to get their Monday Paradise fix. Technically, it’ll be Tuesday by then, yet we know what we mean. And greatfully — don’t mistreat us. We’re customarily a supporter of this bad news! Bachelor In Paradise host Chris Harrison was indeed one of a initial to warning fans of a scheduling change, and while doing so, he poked fun during a situation. “Sadly The President’s discuss will problematic #BachelorInParadise tonight. But ABC will be arrangement it after for those that get Trump’d,” he tweeted. Clearly, he didn’t sense NFL Preseason Football would also be ruining a Monday night, yet still… his chatter is hilarious!

The control of ABC’s choice programming, Robert Mills, also tweeted, “#Bachelornation due to a President’s address, #BachelorInParadise will be swinging and resume when he finishes. You won’t skip a minute.” But again, it won’t resume after a speech. It’ll resume after a football diversion ends, a fragment of ABC News airs, and Jimmy Kimmel Live! finishes. At least, that’s what a tide lamp says on a radio screens. Either way, Bachelor In Paradise won’t atmosphere during a unwavering time-slot tonight (for eastward shore viewers only).

HollywoodLifers, are YOU unfortunate about Bachelor In Paradise being swinging on a eastward coast? Tell us below!

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