Iran hog influenza conflict kills 33

Swine influenza pathogen multiplication, shown in this animation method (footage) expelled from Novartis curative companyImage copyright

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The hog influenza aria has widespread around a universe given a find 6 years ago

An conflict of hog influenza in dual south-eastern provinces of Iran has killed during slightest 33 people over a final 3 weeks, state media report.

Iran’s Deputy Health Minister Ali-Akbar Sayyari told a central IRNA news group 28 had died in Kerman range and 5 in Sistan-Baluchistan.

He warned that a conflict was expected to widespread to other areas of a country, including Tehran.

Swine influenza is a aria of a influenza pathogen famous as H1N1.

The aria initial seemed in Mexico in 2009 and fast widespread around a world.

Another Iranian news agency, ISNA, reported that around 600 people had perceived sanatorium diagnosis after constrictive a pathogen in Kerman province.

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