IPTL, PWL: Two leagues, worlds apart

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A life-size mural of Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal greets we as we travel by embankment series 22 of a Indira Gandhi Sports Complex. On Saturday, one of a biggest modern-day tennis rivalries will be played out during a arena, notwithstanding in a one-set tie.

But a expectation for that confront is during heat pitch. A integrate of immature group from a work-force click selfies with a cutouts of a dual players in a background, as a few some-more cinema of a twin along with an array of other stars, are strategically placed opposite a venue.

Hop opposite to a KD Jadhav Stadium and a eminent lady wrestler — universe championship medallist, no reduction — wanders in anonymity. Inside a arena, Yogeshwar Dutt tears by a print yet a home favourite, it turns out, is expected to give a eventuality a miss. The venue will be a launchpad for a Pro Wrestling League (PWL). There’s a lot of activity here yet frequency any buzz. A volunteer, in assign of offered tickets, does not know what he is perplexing to sell.

“Will this be WWF character wrestling or a common kushti?,” he asks.

The scenes couldn’t be some-more contrasting. A proxy block divides a sprawling complex, widespread over some-more than 100 acres, in dual halves.

On Thursday, a venue will concurrently horde dual big-ticket events – a International Premier Tennis League (IPTL) and a PWL. The reason, organisers say, is to make a throng government and actor transformation convenient.

Inadvertently, though, it also highlights a inconsistency between a dual leagues. If ever a category order existed in sport, it couldn’t be some-more distinguished than what it is here. It’s a opening between a developed and a evolving; a haves and have nots; a competition that is expanding to new bounds by exploiting a mass seductiveness while a other struggles to benefit a foothold even during a possess normal backyard.

Wrestling has taken a hulk jump of faith by foraying into a glitzy universe of veteran leagues. But instead, it stands out as a poor, directionless cousin compared to a IPTL.

Star energy vs no shows

It reflects in a seductiveness a dual leagues have generated, not only among a fans yet also a players. While a universe of tellurian tennis stars have descended on Delhi for a IPTL, a country’s wrestlers do not even seem eager to be a partial of a wrestling joining and are expected to give it a cold shoulder. According to reports, Sushil Kumar has already motionless to give a initial book a skip and on Wednesday, it emerged that even Yogeshwar is doubtful.

The London Olympics bronze and Asian Games bullion award leader has had second thoughts due to medical reasons.

The dual biggest, many commercial group pulling out of a joining will take divided whatever small glaze that was remaining off a wrestling league. On a eve of a tournament, several general wrestlers were still to land in a city, creation a organisers shaken of their appearance in a league. And even yet a women wrestlers who title a joining are here, they are mostly different and aren’t a names that will pull spectators.

The organisers explain a premier dusk for a PWL is sole out. But there are fears that a track will sojourn dull as many tickets that were adult for sale have not indeed been ‘sold’.

Across a other side of a divide, tickets were in high direct for a IPTL notwithstanding a fact that a cheapest sheet was costlier than PWL’s costliest. Mahesh Bhupathi’s joining has labelled a tickets from Rs 4,000 to Rs 48,000 while PWL tickets are accessible in a operation of Rs 50 to Rs 1,500. But even yet a sheet opposite was adult and organic during a IPTL side of a Complex, there were no such signs nearby a wrestling arena.

The PWL officials are confident that a movement will collect adult once a joining gets underway. But one fears that they competence serve drown in a sound from a beside locus when Federer and Nadal resume their adversary for a initial time on Indian soil.

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