Indonesia: Ferry fire off Jakarta kills 23

The stays of a plant is carried divided after a glow ripped by a vessel carrying tourists to islands north of a capital, during Muara Angke pier in Jakarta, Indonesia on 1 Jan 2017Image copyright

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The stays of a packet were towed behind to pier in Jakarta

At slightest 23 people have been killed and 17 some-more are blank after a packet held glow off a seashore of Indonesia.

The Zahro Express packet was carrying some-more than 230 people to Tidung island, a review some 50km (30 miles) from a capital, Jakarta.

Officials pronounced it detonate into abandon about 1.5km from Muara Angke pier in Jakarta, shortly after environment sail.

Reports pronounced many jumped into a sea. An central told BBC Indonesia that 194 people were rescued.

Nine sojourn in hospital.

“Fifteen mins after a vessel set sail, people during a behind of a vessel started creation noise,” one newcomer told internal media.

“Then we saw smoke, there was some-more and more, a vessel was swarming and people were fighting for life jackets.”

Another newcomer pronounced thick fume unexpected filled a cabin.

“All passengers panicked and ran adult to a rug to chuck floats into a water. In a separate second, a glow becomes bigger entrance from where fuel is stored,” Reuters news group quoted a newcomer as saying.

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Witnesses pronounced passengers panicked as abandon engulfed a ship

The stays of a vessel were towed behind to Jakarta, where images showed a extinction caused by a blaze.

Reports suggested those on house were Indonesians streamer to Tidung, that is partial of a Thousand Islands chain, to applaud a new year holiday.

A disaster group orator told AFP news group a boat was carrying some-more than double a series of people listed on the manifest.

Ferries are a pivotal form of ride in Indonesia, that is done adult of thousands of islands.

But reserve annals are poor, with ferries mostly packed and feeble maintained.