‘In The Heart Of The Sea’ Sails To $5.5M In 2-Day International Debut

Based on a book by Nathaniel Philbrick, Warner Bros and Village Roadshow’s In The Heart Of The Sea is diving into 38 general territories this weekend and a initial numbers are in. The Ron Howard-directed quarrel for presence story of a organisation of a Whaleship Essex grossed $5.5M by Friday. The Thursday take was $2.2M from 6,268 screens in 26 markets with yesterday adding over $3M in a full 38 on 8,500. The footprint now covers about 55% of offshore play. Among highlights are Mexico, Russia and Korea. The U.S. gets a whale story on Dec 11.

chris hemsworth heart of a seaA mix of fact and fiction, the 19th century-set tale sees a Essex stalked and pounded by a spermatazoa whale, withdrawal a organisation adrift for 90 days and forced to spin to cannibalism. The conflict on a vessel mostly shabby Herman Melville’s Moby Dick and that author is played here by Ben Whishaw. Chris Hemsworth, who co-starred in Howard’s Rush, plays initial partner Owen Chase. The expel also includes Cillian Murphy, Tom Holland, Frank Dillane and Brendan Gleeson.

Half of a plays here are 3D and there are 156 IMAX dates so far. With Krampus a usually other vital far-reaching recover this frame, ITHOTS staked out some opportunistic dates in specific markets including a prolonged holiday weekend in Italy and Spain. It was changed to Dec from an strange Mar recover to put it in a awards deteriorate corridor. Going out this weekend gets a film on screens for about 10 days forward of Star Wars that will squeeze them in all corners, quite IMAX, starting Dec 16.

Among comps are Everest ($159M general box office), Captain Phillips ($112M), Unbroken ($48M), Rush ($70M), Master And Commander ($118M) and The Perfect Storm ($146M). In some plays, ITHOTS is tracking above some of those. Reviews so distant have been mixed. It’s got a 64% uninformed rating on Rotten Tomatoes and a 98% wish to see. International audiences looking for adult high-seas journey should spin up, nonetheless Bridge Of Spies is another grown-up pretension that’s in play and expanding as Spectre and Mockingjay continue their runs and kids transport creates adult many of a rest of a markets.

Among a pivotal markets that expelled this support are Germany, Russia, Brazil, Mexico, Australia and Korea. In 8 markets, ITHOTS is No. 1 including Mexico, where WB says it edged out The Good Dinosaur that is in a 2nd support there. On 1,560 screens, it has taken $395K (6.6M pesos), outperforming internal banking comps for a opening of final year’s Captain Phillips and 2013’s Rush.

Russia is a No. 1 play with a two-day sum of $589K on 1,689 screens. In Italy, ITHOTS rose to No. 1 on Friday, overtaking pope biopic Call Me Francesco. The two-day cume on 489 screens is $328K. Brazil is a No. 2 container with $365K to date.

Korea has ITHOTS using No. 2 behind internal strike Inside Men. Warner has it during $779K, nonetheless internal stating puts it aloft during $1.7M including today. It’s tracking good forward of Captain Phillips and Rush. Across a rest of Asia, there are No. 1s in Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. The sum in 8 markets in a segment is $816K on 1,105 screens.

We’ll have full weekend estimates tomorrow.