I’m really ardent about fitness: Suniel Shetty

Sunil Shetty, Sunil shetty gym, Sunil shetty aptness workout, Sunil shetty moviesSunil Shetty, Sunil shetty gym, Sunil shetty aptness workout, Sunil shetty movies Sunil Shetty has turn a aptness idol in new years.

At 55, actor Suniel Shetty has redefined health and aptness for Indian men. He says it’s a good feeling and says he is ardent about it.

“I am someone who is really ardent about aptness and me really strongly trust that within us there is this champion who is peaceful to come out. It is usually that predicament that stops us… Age is only a number,” Suniel told IANS over a phone from Mumbai.

The actor is some-more than happy about a fact that a younger era is removing increasingly focused on fitness.

“I am blissful that a younger lot currently are into training. Suddenly, we see a new era of children entrance adult to me and observant ‘Sir, respect. We are going to start training since of you’. If one can enthuse an 18-year-old, zero like it… So, we am really happy,” he added.

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Suniel, who is a father of singer Athiya Shetty, has inaugurated a gym called SMAAASH Shivfitin here in partnership with luminary CrossFit consultant Shivoham.

Talking about a newly launched gym, Suniel said: “It’s called Shivfit and we consider it is one of a excellent outlets. we feel it’s a opposite gym since it’s about organic training and it involves day-to-day activities. It is really heated though during a same time a really electrifying atmosphere.”

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