I’m a vital calamity for damaged male Haye

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Haye v Bellew: Fighters kept detached during Liverpool press conference

David Haye and Tony Bellew were physically kept detached during a exhilarated news discussion for Saturday’s heavyweight hitch during London’s O2 Arena.

The British span entered by apart corridors during a Liverpool hotel on Monday and were divided by confidence for a normal pre-fight face-off.

Bellew, 34, called Haye “a damaged man”, as they regularly exchanged insults.

Haye, 36, threw a punch during Bellew during a Nov media entertainment and had warned they would need a separator between them.

Haye vibrated in Bellew’s city


Haye seemed hurt during a exchanges and retaliated after being angry by a crowd

WBC cruiserweight champion Bellew will quarrel during heavyweight for a initial time, completing a two-division burst after competing during light-heavyweight as recently as 2013.

Former WBA heavyweight champion Haye has had dual slight wins given returning from over 3 years out of a sport.

The London warrior seemed undone as fans in assemblage drowned out his comments with songs on Monday – and he responded by scornful those in a throng and pronounced Liverpudlian Bellew would “need all a support he can get”.

An vibrated Haye told a crowd: “Deep in all of your little minds we know this male is removing drilled to a board flattering fast.”


David Haye and Tony Bellew were not authorised to control a normal face-to-face in Liverpool

Bellew said: “I am going in with a male who was positively fantastic. When he was in his prime, an measureless contestant – though a tank is very, really low and it does not final really long.

“When a gas runs out, a large fat Scouser is going to steam by him.”

However, Haye’s trainer, Shane McGuigan, likely WBC cruiserweight champion Bellew would be “cannon fodder”.

Can Haye answer shoulder doubts?


The quarrel has prisoner a seductiveness of fans, with a initial news discussion of quarrel week sketch a large crowd

Haye’s wins given returning – both inside dual rounds – stirred Dave Coldwell, Bellew’s trainer, to doubt if a shoulder medicine he had in 2013 could bushel him in a longer contest.

“When you’ve had vital medicine as an athlete, we are never a same man, we have doubts in your mind,” pronounced Coldwell, who once worked for Hayemaker promotions.

“Your surgeon suggested we to retire, we come behind though we don’t know how we will perform on a night.”

Addressing his opponent, Bellew added: “I’ve seen people have a operations we have had. Reconstructive shoulder medicine is a large thing, your right palm becomes a looping right hand.”

Bellew binds a record of 28 wins and a pull from 31 fights, with Haye braggadocio a same series of wins from 30 contests.


Haye’s comments were mostly drowned out by sound during a venue though he exchanged insults with Bellew