IIFA 2017 stories: Varun Dhawan requests Karan Johar to expel him in Baahubali 3, and executive refused

IIFA 2017 stories: Varun Dhawan got Best Actor in Comic role.

IIFA 2017 celebrated Varun Dhawan for his opening in a comic purpose for his final year’s film Dishoom. The actor got intensely romantic while receiving a award. While giving his winning speech, he pronounced he loves New York for personal reasons too. The actor pronounced that his hermit Rohit Dhawan schooled filmmaking from New York Film Studio, and to be receiving an endowment for a film Rohit had destined is utterly overwhelming. While he dedicated a endowment to his brother, in review with Karan Johar and Saif Ali Khan a hosts of IIFA this year, Varun voiced that he wants to do most some-more than only comedy and being a chocolate child on-screen and went on to ask Karan if he would expel him in a third installment of magnum opus Baahubali.

He said, “I always do these chocolate child and comedy roles. we wish to do something critical yaar. Toh Karan given we presented Baahubali 2, if there will be a Baahubali 3, can we be in it?” However, shockingly, Karan refused. He clearly said, “No.” When Varun asked a reason, Karan refused to answer and pronounced that they will speak over it later. But this brief review has lifted many questions in public’s mind. And as we know, Karan and Prabhas are mostly seen throwing adult together, so a vital news competence break-out anytime soon.


Meanwhile, Varun also achieved during IIFA 2017. He paid reverence to his father David Dhawan and achieved on some strike numbers from his films.

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