IIFA 2017: Katrina Kaif or Taapsee Pannu – who carried a red and bullion multiple better?

From L to R: Taapsee Pannu and Katrina Kaif during IIFA Rocks in New York City. (Source: Instagram/afashionistasdiaries, myfashgram)

Red and bullion is a classical multiple yet not many would have suspicion that Bollywood beauties would go for it during IIFA 2017. It only goes to infer that we are in for a whole lot of warn this year with Katrina Kaif and Taapsee Pannu already starting a celebrations on such a splendid note, generally when a tacit order during such large events is adhering to montone outfits. Both Kaif and Pannu went for an Indo-fusion demeanour during IIFA Rocks yet conjunction could stir us most with their sartorial choices. However, we consider their beauty and hair diversion were right on point.

Kaif, whose film Jagga Jasoos conflicting Ranbir Kapoor is scheduled to recover shortly was seen in an Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla outfit. We like a glisten and character of her bullion blouse yet a red stormy sari looked unequivocally garish.

Even yet we conclude a thought behind pairing such an ususual blouse with a sari, we consider a pale colour would have looked improved here instead of a blood red one. Celebrity stylist Tanya Ghavri could have finished better. But there’s no denying that she looked beautiful neck-up. A large turn of acclaim for a singer for perplexing something opposite with her make-up, generally her hair this time. The low kohled eyes with a swift ship and red simper looked beautiful on her and those side-swept soothing curls combined oomph to her look.

Taapsee Pannu, on a other hand, stepped out in a red robe by Kommal Sood and we consider her outfit, make-up and hair was a mismatch. First things first, a brocade work on a flared robe is not something we particulary like.

Also, her make-up, even yet beautiful with a swift eyeliner, splendid red lips shade and a red bindi, did not element her robe during all. Not to skip a updo with red roses on a side. It was some-more matched for a sari look. We have come to design a lot some-more from luminary stylist Devki B and it’s a contrition to contend that she unhappy us.

If we have to pick, we would go with Katrina Kaif.

What about you? Let us know in a comments below.

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