ICYMI: Kim Kardashian Is Raising Money For Children’s Mental Health!

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Kim Kardashian needs your help!

On Tuesday, a KUWTK star started a fundraiser on Facebook to lift income for a Child Mind Institute, “an independent, inhabitant nonprofit dedicated to transforming a lives of children and families struggling with mental health and training disorders.”

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According to Kanye West‘s wife:

“As a mom of three, we consider zero is some-more critical than my children’s health. This includes their earthy and mental health. Over 17 million kids in a US onslaught with a mental health or training commotion like anxiety, ADHD, dyslexia or depression, creation it tough for them to learn and succeed. Yet with correct diagnosis and treatment, these children can thrive. As students lapse to a classroom this fall, we wish to do what we can to make certain they have all they need to attain in propagandize and in life, now and in a future.”

You can present HERE!

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