Ian Somerhalder Panics As The Vampire Diaries Pushed to Friday Timeslot – TVD Final Season?

Ian Somerhalder Panics As The Vampire Diaries Pushed to Friday Timeslot – TVD Final Season?

Is Ian Somerhalder in a panic after “The Vampire Diaries” was pushed to a Friday timeslot? Could this be TVD’s final season? The CW flagship uncover competence be display signs of a array finish after losing a customary Thursday night time slot.

When a uncover gets reserved to Friday night, it’s customarily a genocide sentence. “The Vampire Diaries” has enjoyed a Thursday night container given a premiere, yet starting Jan 29, a fan-fave array will make a pierce to a dreaded Friday night slot.

Fans were discerning to notice a time change proclamation and have already begun to worry a vampire-werewolf-heretic uncover competence be headed towards a final season. But not each module that moves to Friday meets a discerning end.

Bones is faring good on Friday, yet it’s tough not to notice that Nina Dobrev’s depart from a show has caused problems for “The Vampire Diaries.” The expel is reportedly flourishing sleepy of Ian Somerhalder hogging a spotlight now that Nina is out of a picture.

Ratings forsaken by 33% with a deteriorate 7 lapse of The Vampire Diaries. Ian Somerhalder competence be going into panic mode as a uncover appears to be sinking. Nikki Reed, Ian’s wife post-Nina Dobrev relationship, has reportedly been pulling Ian towards a film career and this could be why.

Or maybe Nikki wants to finish a Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev tarnish for good. Even yet Nina has regularly settled she will not lapse to TVD, rumors still insist her character, Elena, will make another coming in a show.

Several media outlets ran with CDL’s news of Ian’s diva function irking his expel mates. They went as distant as claiming “The Vampire Diaries” expel wants Somerhalder dismissed so Dobrev could return. But those reports elaborate a on-set attrition that is indeed happening.

The genuine regard for a expel right now is either or not a uncover can tarry a pierce to a Friday night time slot. What do we consider of “The Vampire Diaries” relocating to Friday? Is it a pointer a array is struggling? Will CW finish TVD if it continues to drop in ratings? Let us know your thoughts in a criticism territory below.

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