I was harm after being forsaken but communication: Virender Sehwag

Virender Sehwag, Sehwag, Virender Sehwag cricket, cricket sehwag, sehwag india, india cricket, cricket india, cricket news, cricket Virender Sehwag felt that a selectors should have given him an choice to play dual some-more Tests and afterwards retire. (Source: PTI File)

Legendary opener Virender Sehwag on Wednesday admitted that he was “hurt” after being forsaken in the middle of a 2013 Test array opposite Australia though any “communication from group government or selectors.”

Sehwag was forsaken after a second Test against Australia in Hyderabad though a ‘Nawab of Najafgarh’ felt that selectors should have given him an choice to play dual more Tests and retire in an India jersey.

“I hadn’t scored runs in dual Tests opposite Australia. So, I was meditative we would get a integrate of some-more opportunities to perform good in a final dual Tests (of a series) and then get forsaken if we didn’t perform. If a selectors would have given me that choice to play dual some-more Tests and contend that you play a dual matches and afterwards retire, we would have thought about it,” Sehwag told ESPN Cricinfo.

Asked if a communication was lacking from BCCI and team management’s end, Sehwag agreed.

“Absolutely, nobody called me from a group management, selectors or BCCI. we got to know about it from newspaper, that hurt me afterwards though we am excellent with it now,” Sehwag said.

During his final 3 seasons in first-class cricket, Sehwag batted in a middle-order, something that he wanted in a Indian group though was denied.

“I told a government (about wanting to bat reduce down) but they felt that we was still good adequate to play as an opener and they didn’t wish to take chances with a opening pair. we attempted my best though could not get an event in the middle order,” he said.

“When we played my final series, Tendulkar was still there, Kohli and Dhoni were there. Pujara was personification as a No. 3 batsman. Tendulkar was personification during 4, Kohli during 5 and it meant that we had to bat during No. 6 after Tendulkar as we could not ask him to bat during No 3 or 5. So, there was no possibility for me to bat in a center order.”

Sehwag however did not make any skeleton about a fact that he had a terrible subsequent deteriorate for Delhi only after removing forsaken and that effectively finished his chances of a comeback.

“When we got dropped, we was meditative that I’m a good player and can get behind into a Indian group though we was still vital in a mindset that we am an assertive opener and can score runs though we did not realize that domestic cricket is totally opposite to general cricket and we was still playing in a same way,” he said.

“I did not measure runs that (2013-14) deteriorate and my highest was 50-odd (56) and we was struggling to cope adult with conditions in Delhi. we afterwards altered my meditative subsequent year and batting character by giving myself a small some-more time and we scored 500 and runs, though we indispensable to measure large in a previous season and maybe we would have got behind into a team. It was too late though we was personification since we wanted to play a game.”