‘I mislaid 5 babies due to husband’s aroused nightmares’

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Roberts family

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Andrew Roberts with his 3 children

Army widow Lindsey Roberts says she has had 5 miscarriages after her father Andrew, who had PTSD, incorrectly strike her during his nightmares. Now, she is holding adult a authorised box opposite a Ministry of Defence.

“His initial earthy calamity didn’t occur until we was pregnant,” Lindsey Roberts tells the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire programme.

“I was 5 weeks profound during a time and we mislaid a baby.”

Lindsey, from Bicester, Oxfordshire, says she mislaid 5 children after being incidentally strike by her husband, Andrew Roberts, during his sleep.

Cpl Roberts assimilated a Army aged 17 and went on 9 tours – including dual in Iraq, and 3 in Afghanistan.

It left him with post-traumatic highlight commotion (PTSD) and he attempted to take his possess life.

He died following a Taliban trebuchet conflict on 4 May, 2012.

Lindsey remembers him really fondly: “He was a nicest guy. He’d do anything for anybody. He was caring – he was everybody’s best mate.”

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Roberts family

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Andrew went on 9 tours with a British Army

The miscarriages, Lindsey explains, took place opposite a series of years.

“Night terrors weren’t function all a time, so we didn’t stop sleeping in a same bed. we wouldn’t be means to envision when it would happen.”

She says a miscarriages would take place within “days, weeks” of being physically hurt.

The bruises would be all over her body, she says, nonetheless she admits to fibbing during a time about how they originated.

“I didn’t wish to get him in trouble. we would contend we had depressed down a stairs,” she says.

In 2009, when Andrew returned from his second debate of Afghanistan, Lindsey says he was unknowingly attack her in his nap adult to 3 times a week.

‘The Army were aware’

Lindsey was profound 8 times with Andrew, and has “three pleasing children” aged eight, 10 and 11.

“They were little when all this was going on,” she says. “Now they are wakeful what happened with Dad.

“They remember a few incidents, like him carrying flashbacks.”

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Roberts family

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Andrew and Lindsey on their marriage day

In 2009, as Andrew’s condition became worse, a integrate separate – nonetheless they remained married.

She says a Army after knew about his PTSD and a critical effects on his health.

“In a final dual years he was alive, a troops were wakeful of his mental health issues,” she says.

“They had to attend on a integrate of his attempted suicides. He was really unstable. The Army really knew.”

Lindsey says Andrew “would still be alive if he had opposite care”.

“The year before he went on [his final] debate he had critical mental health problems. He should have been medically downgraded and not deployed.

“He attempted to kill himself. How apparent does it need to be?”

Post-traumatic highlight commotion (PTSD)

  • PTSD is an stress commotion caused by really stressful, frightening or pathetic events
  • Someone with PTSD mostly relives a dire eventuality by nightmares and flashbacks and competence knowledge feelings of isolation, rancour and guilt
  • Events that can means PTSD embody critical highway accidents, passionate attack or enlarged passionate abuse, troops fight and healthy disasters
  • PTSD is estimated to impact around one in each 3 people who have a dire experience. It is not transparent since some people rise a condition and others do not.

Source: NHS Choices

Andrew died in Afghanistan in 2012 following a trebuchet strike, pang deadly injuries when shrapnel pierced his side.

He had seen his children before he left.

“We met adult a integrate of times, with a kids, and he would phone each other day – vocalization to a kids.”

Lindsey remembers a impulse she initial knew something was wrong, dual months into Andrew’s final tour.

“I was in a gym. My neighbour phoned me to contend that 5 times in an hour an officer had been during my front door. we knew instantly.

“I gathering like a bat out of ruin home. we was so worked up. we knew he was dead.”

‘Wives are victims too’

Lindsey is now posterior dual authorised claims opposite a Ministry of Defence (MoD) – one for unwell a avocation of caring towards her father by permitting him to lapse to Afghanistan in 2012 and a other a personal damage explain for a injuries she suffered as a outcome of her husband’s trauma.

Lindsey hopes this will force an investigation, or full open inquiry, that competence urge MoD procedures in future.

“The reason we are suing for myself is to make a MoD realize a wives are delegate victims. No-one has concurred this,” she explains.

“No-one says there are women adult and down a nation harm or in bad situations – or worse, losing their kids – since their husbands are [unknowingly] aroused as a outcome of PTSD.”

A Ministry of Defence orator pronounced “while we wouldn’t criticism on a specific authorised case, a mental health of everybody who serves a nation is of a pinnacle significance and that’s since we inspire anyone wanting assistance to come brazen and get a assistance they merit before, during and after deployments.”

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Roberts family

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Andrew with his dual daughters

Lindsey – who has set adult a Roberts Project, a veterans’ gift – says she and her children have remained clever during such a formidable time.

“We are a really happy family, my kids are good. They are clever kids – they’ve been by a lot.”

She says her late father would be “really proud” of how they were coping.

“If he was sat subsequent to me now, he would be ancillary me,” she says.

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