I am not sceptical of Priya Varrier: Roshan Abdul Rahoof

Roshan Abdul Rahoof
Roshan Abdul Rahoof’s Oru Adaar Love will strike screens on Feb 14.

Debutant actor Roshan Abdul Rahoof is understandably delighted. As Oru Adaar Love is gearing adult for release, he seems a design of certainty and excitement. “I never suspicion we would turn an actor yet we have been meddlesome in films. we am intensely happy that Oru Adaar Love is removing expelled in mixed languages. Overall, it is a ‘dream debut’. we done good memories with my co-actors that we would delight for a prolonged time,” he says.

Roshan was 18 when he started operative on this film, destined by Omar Lulu. “I am branch 20 this April. we play one of a 4 leads in this modern-day campus adore story. It is a spacious role. Priya Varrier and we share easy chemistry. we still can’t trust how one tiny video-clip done her an overnight sensation,” he smiles.

What does Roshan consider of Priya’s popularity? “Honestly, we am not sceptical of her. In fact, we are unequivocally good friends. All of us are newcomers, so there is no room for comparisons, ego, and all that. we always wish her a best,” he adds.

Life has altered most for him after signing Oru Adaar Love, he admits. “People know who we am now. They ask for selfies. But we don’t consider we am a celebrity. we association with everyone,” he laughs. Roshan believes his boy-next-door picture has mostly played out to his advantage. “Whenever we accommodate people, we clarity they could describe with me easily. But we have realised talent is not everything. To grasp something estimable in cinema, we need a lot of luck. we know many who are ardent about a medium, and are still struggling to make an entry,” he says.

Roshan Abdul Rahoof feels his USP is that he can fit into all genres. (Photo: Leo Photography)

He concedes that it is formidable for an alien to put his feet in this industry. At a same time, he believes satisfactory opportunities also thrive. “Else, we would not have been here. The beauty of cinema is that consequence survives too,” he adds.

Roshan feels his USP is that he can fit into all genres absolutely – from arthouse to blurb cinema. “With relatable stories come genuine characters. With my age and looks, we don’t consider we will be removing anything bigger than Oru Adaar Love. we feel blessed,” he tells us.

Language is no separator to Roshan, who is open to doing true Tamil films. “In Kerala, they know me since we was a partial of D4Dance existence show. we didn’t know we could act, though a judges and contestants would constantly inspire me, that done me consider because not we try films. Oru Adaar Love happened by possibility — after we auditioned for a role. But dance has always been my initial love. we am a outrageous fan of Shah Rukh Khan. we like a approach he dances. He is only magical,” he shares.

Roshan says he would like to work with a likes of Vijay, Trisha and Samantha some day. “I am conjunction overly desirous nor unequivocally a planner. Five years ago, we never suspicion we would do a lead purpose in a film. So, we clearly don’t know what a destiny has in store for me,” he signs off.