‘How To Get Away With Murder’ Season Finale: Killer Revealed, New Puzzle Posed

SPOILER ALERT: This story contains sum about a Season 3 finale of ABC’s How to Get Away with Murder.

One poser ends, another begins: Tonight’s two-hour season finale of ABC’s How to Get Away With Murder suggested Wes’ torpedo while withdrawal viewers wondering, well, who is Wes’ killer?

“Isn’t that what we want, to find out who killed Wes and make them pay?” asked Viola Davis’ Professor Annalise Keating early in tonight’s double episode. She was articulate to her (mostly) constant squad of students, yet she competence as good have been vocalization directly to this season’s viewers. “Now let’s get to work.”

The murder of law tyro Wes Gibbons (Alfred Enoch) — a executive plotline in new weeks — had caught only about everybody on a show, from Annalise to her fixer Frank Delfina (Charlie Weber), with Wes’ maybe-pal and classmate Connor Walsh (Jack Falahee) another possibility. Toss in a physique that wouldn’t stay put, a curved partner district profession (Milauna Jackson), maybe even Annalise’s aged mom (Cicely Tyson), and a unchanging expel of characters had incited into a roundup of common suspects.

But tonight’s deteriorate culmination of a Shondaland prolongation brought in a ringer. With 15 mins to go, a torpedo was suggested to be a new-to-the-show assailant played by Nicholas Gonzalez, best famous for his roles on Pretty Little Liars, The Flash and Bordertown.

The killer, though, has a tie to one of Keating’s students as good as another informed character. Read on for details.


Although tonight’s episodes took some tract detours as Keating and her squad attempted to take down a district attorney, a new hints that Connor was a torpedo were dispatched flattering quickly: Connor did indeed hide onto a crime stage unbeknownst to his pals, yet he was perplexing to save classmate Wes, not do him in.

Then it was Annalise’s spin to get cleared, with a prof finally divulgence to Connor that she didn’t kill Wes, yet she positively did a series on Connor’s essence (“I know you’re paranoid and damaged and haven’t devoted anyone given we were a small boy,” she told him).

Then it was on to Frank’s murder trial, some perjury, a small deal-making, a elucidate of a arson, a lapse of Annalise’s archenemy Sylvia Mahoney (Roxanne Hart), a abduction involving a sinful district profession Todd Denver (Benito Martinez), some revelations about a murder plant and, with 40 mins left to go, a coming of Denver’s assailant servant Dominic, played by Gonzalez, who delivers a pivotal bit of evidence.

Nicholas Gonzalez

Later, the punk delivers something altogether bigger: a crime’s solution. Jabbing Wes with a sedative and afterwards smothering him — consider Tony Soprano offing Christopher Moltisanti — a torpedo does a deed, yet why?

Although there’s a growth that’s many expected a red herring involving Sylvia Mahoney’s assailant son Charles (Wilson Bethel), a large exhibit in a final seconds was a tie between torpedo Dominick and one of Keating’s favorite students (and Wes’ girlfriend) Laurel Castillo (Karla Souza).

Dominic, it seems, has some-more than one boss. We see him holding orders for a arson from nothing other than Laurel’s mean dad, played by Esai Morales.

So because a fire? Why a murder? That, it seems, is for Season 4 to answer.

The initial partial of tonight’s two-part culmination was created by Joe Fazzio and destined by Jet Wilkinson. The second was created by uncover creator Pete Nowalk and destined by Bill D’Elia.