HOT Solo!! Allow This Shirtless Throwback Pic Of A 28-Year-Old Harrison Ford To Awaken Your Force!

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Who knew he was so learned with his hands?!

Star Wars: The Force Awakens valid that Harrison Ford is still totally a china fox!

But a prolonged time ago, even before a actor played a purpose of Han Solo, he was still a apex of potency doing work as a carpenter!

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Brazilian musician Sèrgio Mendes common a reversion print on Facebook from 1970, featuring a afterwards 28-year-old Ford a day he finished building a recording studio:


The mythological actor suggested in a new Reddit Ask Me Anything how his carpentry work led him to his starring purpose in Star Wars! He shared:

“I had helped George Lucas try-out other actors for a element parts, and with no expectancy or denote that we competence be deliberate for a partial of Han, we was utterly astounded when we was offering a part. My element pursuit during a time was carpentry, we had been underneath agreement as an actor during Columbia and Universal. we had a residence during a time we wanted to remodel, a bit of a mutilate of a house. I’d deposit income in collection though wouldn’t have income for materials, so we satisfied this was another approach of putting food on a table. And permitting me to collect and select from a behaving jobs that were being offering during a time.”

Whether he’s 28 or 73, Ford can saw us in half anytime!

[Image around Facebook/Euan Cherry/WENN.]

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