Holy Fuck — Donald Trump Just Flipped Off Live Television In An Interview About The National Anthem

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This is so brazen, it’s indeed fucking AMAZING.

Donald Trump was giving MSNBC an talk on live TV on Sunday afternoon when — in a center of articulate about how unhappy he was with a NFL for a players kneeling during a National Anthem — his stubby small center finger popped adult on screen.


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Here are a specifics: Trump was responding to a doubt about New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft; a vast apportionment of Kraft’s Patriots group chose to kneel down for a National Anthem during their diversion Sunday, and Kraft expelled a matter in support of a players.

Trump — who has been really accessible with Kraft, and Kraft’s quarterback Tom Brady, in a past — responded to a doubt about Kraft’s anti-Trump matter with a one-finger salute so pointed (and nonetheless so obvious!!!) that it FUCKING BOGGLES THE MIND THAT THIS ACTUALLY HAPPENED.

Watch it occur on video (below) right during about a 30-second symbol of this video clip:


That’s so boldly, extravagantly absurd, it’s actually… kind of funny??

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But seriously, after all a bull shit stunts, undisguised bigotry, and unimaginable ignorance this President has showed off that should legitimately means outrage, this is just… hilarious.

We’re by a looking glass.

How will we report 2017 to destiny generations???

[Image around MSNBC.]

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