Hoda Kotb Reveals Daughter Haley’s First Word Was ‘Bob’


Like many moms, Hoda Kotb couldn’t wait to hear her daughter Haley Joy’s initial words, though a Today co-host says she was a small astounded when it wound adult being “Bob.”

“We don’t know who Bob is,” Kotb tells PEOPLE. “Every time she pronounced it we kept shouting going, ‘Who is Bob?’ I’m certain it was a multiple of bottle and some other thing.”

Kotb says her daughter has given combined few other critical difference to her vocabulary.

“She can contend ‘mama’ and ‘dada’ that is great. My mom taught her how to contend ‘mama’ when we was in Korea,” says Kotb, who distinguished Haley’s initial birthday before she left to cover a 2018 Olympics. “It was so cool, she sent me a video though afterwards we started to consider maybe Haley suspicion ‘mama’ was a phone.”

Kotb only published her initial children’s book, I’ve Loved You Since Forever, that was desirous by Haley Joy and her prolonged tour to apropos a mom.

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“As we was watchful and anticipating and wishing for Haley, when we started to trust that maybe we could be a mom too, maybe we didn’t skip my window, maybe there’s still wish here … It was that kind of revival,” Kotb tells PEOPLE exclusively in this week’s emanate of adopting her daughter.

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“I was scribbling in my biography and watchful to see if it would come to pass and we could feel that child. we felt like they were sleeping underneath a same moon and stars,” she continues.

“Somewhere out there this child is there for me and that phrase, ‘I’ve desired we given forever,’ was something that we had created down since that’s what it felt like.”

I’ve Loved You Since Foreveris accessible now.