Hockey can't tarry but supervision support, says Narinder Batra

Narinder Batra addresses press Narinder Batra forked out that destiny of Indian hockey was bright. (Source: File)

Asserting that destiny of Indian hockey was bright, FIH boss Narinder Batra said that state governments too should do their bit to safeguard that a competition serve develop in this country.

“Hockey or any sport, besides cricket, can't survive without supervision support. Sports being a state subject, states also need to get active. We have integrate of states during my period–like governments of Odisha, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab and Haryana, they are a ones who support hockey,” he said.

“Others do have teams, though we don’t see any support entrance from these state governments, either it is infrastructure or whether it is growth or either it is coaching. States also need to get a bit involved. When we call hockey a de facto inhabitant game, we consider states also have a small bit of committment and if they get involved, a gait during that we want hockey to grow will be a bit different,” Batra told PTI here on a sidelines of FIH hockey stars awards ceremony.

About a nurseries of hockey, he said, “Nurseries of hockey they are in control, things are relocating well, either it is Punjab, Haryana, Odisha, Jharkhand, certain places in Karnataka, afterwards Bhopal and Lucknow have also picked up. So, hockey is growing, though places like Hyderabad and Tamil Nadu, Mumbai and Maharashtra, we are not removing most of growth of players from these areas.”

He, however, forked out that destiny of Indian hockey was bright.

Recently, India had won a youth hockey universe cup. “I do see Indian hockey entrance up. Development has to start right from a 12 year aged right adult to entering the Indian team. Things are relocating in right direction, though one needs to build adult on that and make certain one carries with that”.

When asked what was FIH mount on Pakistan not personification in  India, Batra replied, “that is not my decision, these are political decisions, when it comes to India and Pakistan. we am no one to take any call or confirm on that. As distant as FIH is concerned, Pakistan is partial of each event, either they come to nation A or they don’t come to nation B, domestic decisions are between a countries.”

About home and divided league, he said, that will start from 2019. “It is going to be 9 countries in men’s and equal number in women’s.”