HIV hospital fined £250 for information breach

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A health hospital that incorrectly suggested a temperament of HIV-positive patients in a organization email has been fined £250 by a UK’s information watchdog.

The Bloomsbury Patient Network provides information and support for people who are HIV-positive.

But twice in 2014, staff emailed adult to 200 members during a time but obscuring other patients’ email addresses.

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) pronounced it had levied a excellent that would not means “financial hardship”.

Data breach

In Feb 2014, a member of staff during a Bloomsbury Patient Network emailed adult to 200 patients who were HIV-positive.

The email addresses were entered into a “To” field, definition they were manifest to everybody who perceived a email.

Instead, email addresses should have been entered into a “BCC” field, that would have vaporous them from other recipients.

In May 2014, a same member of staff steady a error.

Serious error

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56 of a email addresses contained names

The ICO pronounced 56 of a 200 email addresses contained a full or prejudiced genuine names of patients.

It also remarkable that a Bloomsbury Patient Network (BPN) had perceived 5 complaints.

Considering a theme matter of a email message, it ruled that was a critical crack of information insurance laws.

But a volume of a excellent was mitigated by a “significant impact on BPN’s repute as a outcome of this confidence breach”.

The BPN has not commented.

Continuing investigation

Another HIV support group, 56 Dean Street, in London, done a same mistake with an email sent in Sep 2015.

It unprotected a names and email addresses of 780 people when a newsletter was issued.

The ICO told a BBC a review into that occurrence was continuing.

Fines for breaches of information insurance can strech £500,000.

“No matter how large or tiny an organization is, when traffic with supportive information, policy, procedure, training, and organisation contingency be in place to revoke a luck of tellurian blunder occurring,” pronounced Shaun Griffin, executive executive of outmost affairs for Terrence Higgins Trust, an HIV gift that was not concerned in a ICO ruling.

“Incidences such as these are rare, and should not put anybody off removing a exam for HIV. Nearly one in 6 people with HIV does not realize they have it,” he said.