Hilary Duff Reveals She Was Certain She Was Having Another Boy

Hilary Duff doesn’t have to worry anymore that she might have another boy. The Lizzie McGuire thespian was certain she would have another boy. But Duff got her wish, her unequivocally possess small princess!

Hilary announced on Friday that she and her lover Matthew Koma, 31, are expecting their initial child together.

Hilary spoke On Air Tuesday with Ryan Seacrest and certified she wanted zero else though to have a daughter of her own. The Younger thespian is already a unapproachable mom to her 6-year-old son Luca.

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“I was so shaken previously since we suspicion for certain we was going to have a boy,” a 30-year-old thespian and thespian removed of a time before training her baby’s sex. “I have a child already, that would’ve been good and I’m spooky with Luca, though we don’t know, we only wanted one of each.”

“It was humorous that we cared so much. My sister has girls and we feel like I’m unequivocally girly. But for a past 6 years I’ve bought monsters and trucks and planes and Luca’s into all a child stuff, so everything’s blue and immature and I was only prepared for pinkish and purple stuff.”

The profound thespian also gave Seacrest a sum on her gender exhibit whack that took place on Mother’s day. Hilary did acknowledge it was “kind of childish,” though a sum ball!

“It was a many fun day. “We had tighten family and friends over and we have to speak to a alloy before and afterwards a alloy gives we a formula … we systematic these unequivocally lovable confetti cannons on Etsy. They demeanour like smoke, though it’s powder and afterwards some confetti. You turn them and we all mount there during a same time,” Hilary said. “It sounds so stupid since it’s kind of childish, though it’s so exciting.”

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Duff also sat down for an talk with James Corden and told a late uncover horde that her son Luca is “warming adult to a idea,” of carrying a small sister. Duff recalled, “the commencement was a little, a small a….he was surprised.”

Now that a startle has simmered down for Luca he’s certain that he has picked out a ideal name for his sister. Duff told Corden that her son wants to name her, ‘Cofant Croissant.’ The thespian said, “we’re adult for any suggestions.” Are we certain you’re adult for any suggestions Hilary? You might wish to rethink that one.