Hikers make gruesome find nearby a Hollywood sign

Hikers Find Partial Human Skull In Griffith Park

The LAPD is questioning a “very old” tellurian skull found in L.A.’s Griffith Park on Saturday.

The skull was seen by hikers nearby a Hollywood pointer during about 2 p.m., and LAPD carnage investigators and Los Angeles County coroner’s bureau officials arrived during a stage around a Brush Canyon route shortly thereafter.

Lt. Ryan Schatz with a LAPD called a skull “very old,” yet he didn’t know how prolonged it had been in a park or a person’s means of death, KTLA reports.

Click by images of a Hollywood sign:

Investigators combined that they designed to guard a Griffith Park area via a night. Access to a area was sealed off for a night.

As of Saturday night, no other physique tools have been located.

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