High Jack actor Mantra: It’s as if some really mischievous friends have done this film

Mantra Mugdh actor photosMantra Mugdh actor photos Actor-VJ Mantra is gearing adult for a recover of his latest film High Jack on May 18.

RJ-VJ-host-actor Mantra, who is now winning hearts by personification Genie in Disney’s Broadway low-pitched Aladdin, is also gearing adult for a recover of his film High Jack. The movie, also starring Sumeet Vyas, Sonnalli Seygall and Kumud Mishra, was deferred though has now finally got a recover date – May 18. In an disdainful discuss with indianexpress.com, Mantra Mugdh talks about a film being a stoner comedy and his arriving projects.

Mantra plays a hijacker in a film. But distinct what we’ve seen in prior cinema like Neerja (Jim Sarbh), he is a hijacker with a humorous bone. He takes over a craft since of some reason and eventually becomes clueless as to how to hoop a hijacking. “It is a fun film that has been created by Akarsh Khurana and Adhir Bhat. Imagine if we go to broom someone and get husky in return, these hijackers face something identical when they go to steal a plane. Such is a brief of this film,” pronounced Mantra.

Mantra plays a hijacker in High JackMantra plays a hijacker in High Jack Mantra Mugdh’s impression Vinit hijacks a craft in High Jack.

The film has Sumeet personification a DJ, while Sonnalli plays a cabin organisation member. “The song by Nucleya is already a hit. People are amatory it. There is Sumeet Vyas, Sonnalli Seygall, Kumud Mishra and several illusory entertainment actors. So overall, a day a film comes out, everybody will know that some unequivocally mischievous friends have finished this film. Such is even a feel of this film. There is no critical summary or anything,” he added.

High Jack is being touted as a stoner comedy. Bollywood has explored this genre in films like Go Goa Gone and Kaalakaandi. Mantra picks these films to explain because even his film will be supposed by a audience.

High Jack castHigh Jack cast High Jack stars Mantra Mugdh, Sumeet Vyas, Sonnalli Seygall and Kumud Mishra among others.

“Almost each genre has an audience. India is a building nation and you’ll get to see everything. There is space for everything, there is marketplace for everything. Of course, stoner comedy hasn’t been finished adequate in Bollywood. Last film was Kaalakaandi that we loved. Go Goa Gone was there that was desired and accepted. So because not High Jack?” a actor reasoned.

Mantra, who has attempted his hands during several things from theatre to radio, radio and even films, shares that he isn’t frightened of holding risks. “Not during all! we feel frightened to do identical kind of things, that has already been done. There is fad to do new stuff,” he said.

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High Jack was progressing set to recover on Apr 20. But due to Censor Board troubles, it got shifted and will now recover on May 18. Mantra tells us because a film got delayed. “The Censor Board was holding a time in clearing a film. You know things take time in a country. There is no problem with it. Just that a procession was holding time. That’s it,” he said.

Mantra ends a discuss by pity his arriving projects. “A integrate of web-series, and Aladdin. The play will be travelling to opposite cities of India this year. Then Pro-Kabaddi is function during a finish of this year, so it is a full packaged year for me.

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“But we still take out time for my possess podcast channel, MnM Talkies. I’m perplexing to get some new turn of sound in a universe of podcast that has never been listened on radio or in a universe of audio before. So I’m unequivocally operative tough towards it,” he sealed off.

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