Hichki box bureau prediction: Rani Mukerji’s film approaching to acquire Rs 2 crore on Day 1

hichki box bureau rani mukerji hichki box bureau rani mukerji Here’s how Rani Mukerji’s Hichki is approaching to perform during a box office.

After her brief sabbatical post-Mardaani, actor Rani Mukerji earnings to a shade with Siddharth P Malhotra’s Hichki this weekend. The story of a clergyman pang from Tourette Syndrome, Hichki shows how a chairman can spin their biggest debility into their biggest strength. The film’s tagline reads, “What is life though a few hiccups?”

Bankrolled by Yash Raj Films, Hichki is desirous by a story of motivational orator Brad Cohen, whose book patrician Front of The Class was also blending progressing for a American audiences. An endearing grounds during palm though after a interregnum of 4 years, does Rani still reason her attract in a minds of cinephiles?

Trade and film researcher Girish Johar said, “The promos and trailer for Hichki have been engaging though we don’t consider a turn of fad around a film matches adult to a time of Mardaani. Maybe, that is given it is not a quip film. But, we would still contend that a decent word-of-mouth could work wonders for a film if it has some good calm to offer.”

He also adds that given Hichki is some-more of a content-driven film, it will support to a really niche, multiplex kind of audience. He remarked, “The emanate that Mukerji is perplexing to prominence with a film is truly a eminent attempt though given Hichki is not a standard run-of-the-mill masala movie. we don’t consider it will interest to a masses.” He combined that a Friday collection of Hichki is approaching to land adult around a Rs 2 crore mark though it could go adult if a film receives good reviews.

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The ticketing counters are now being dominated by Ajay Devgn’s crime play Raid. But Johar is of a opinion that it will not poise foe for Hichki as both a films go to dual really opposite genres and support to dual really opposite kinds of audiences. He believes that there is plenty space for both a films to have a good run deliberation their parameters are really different.

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