Here’s Why James Franco Skipped Out On The Critics’ Choice Awards!

James Franco

James Franco wasn’t confronting a music, er, Critics’ Choice Awards.

As we reported, a 39-year-old has come underneath glow by five women who have oral to The Los Angeles Times alleging a actor formerly intent in inapt or exploitative function while on set or in behaving classes.

As a result, he did not attend Thursday night’s festivities in a Santa Monica Airport hangar, where he finished adult winning a Best Actor in a Comedy respect for his purpose in The Disaster Artist.

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Apparently, he’s so ripped adult about a accusations (which he says are “not accurate”) that he has even altered his phone number. A source told People:

“He’s in a unequivocally bad place, so bad that he altered his phone number. His tighten friends are perplexing to be there for him though it’s been tough – he’s usually articulate to a name organisation of people. For now, he’s only stealing out.”

This is really opposite function than a man who was surfing all a late night TV couches this past week addressing his position on a #MeToo movement.

ICYMI, his ubiquitous position was that he’d rather take a bullet than criticise a women entrance forward.

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