Helicopter Eela box bureau collection Day 1: The Kajol film to lead a pack

Helicopter Eela box bureau collection Day 1Helicopter Eela box bureau collection Day 1 Helicopter Eela box bureau collection Day 1: This Kajol film should lead this week.

This week is sincerely bustling in terms of films being released. Helicopter Eela is substantially a biggest Bollywood film this week. Helmed by Mardaani director Pradeep Sarkar, a film stars Kajol and Riddhi Sen. The film is a dramedy that focuses on a attribute between a mom (Kajol) and her son (Sen). She is like a trainer who micromanages her employee. The worker in this box is her possess son.

Trade researcher Girish Johar told indianexpress.com, “Helicopter Eela should have a good start as it is being led by Kajol who has a outrageous fan base. Also, a trailer of a film is considerable and has got a certain response from a viewers. With a decent hum around it, a film competence packet Rs 2.5 crore on a initial day of a release. It can even acquire Rs 3.5 crore, though it will count on a foe releases and on a word of mouth.”

The Indian Express film censor Shubhra Gupta gave a film a disastrous review. She wrote, “That Kajol is able of single-handedly lifting a movie, and lighting adult a screen, is another. But Helicopter Eela is so saddled with prosaic story-telling, stretched sub-plots and farfetched performances, including and generally from a lead actress, that it never unequivocally takes off.”

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