Heather Heyer’s mom Susan Bro refuses to pronounce to Donald Trump

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My heart aches for Susan Bro, a mom of Heather Heyer, who was a immature lady killed in a white supremacist militant conflict in Charlottesville final Saturday. Susan Bro helped classify a outrageous commemorative use for her daughter, hold in Charlottesville on Wednesday. Most wire news outlets lonesome a commemorative use live on-air, and Bro spoke with utterance and tension about what her daughter fought for each day on her life, and what Bro hopes her daughter’s bequest will be:

Here’s something to consider about: in that moment, Donald Trump was perplexing to call Susan Bro. That was a initial time he attempted to strech out to her, a day of her daughter’s funeral. He hadn’t attempted to pronounce to Bro in a days prior. Think about that. Trump was too bustling articulate about a “many sides” who were to censure for Heather’s death. Susan Bro seemed on Good Morning America today, and she spoke about how Trump and his people left messages for her on Wednesday. Then she listened Trump’s remarks about a “alt-left” and a neo-Nazis being “very excellent people.” And now Susan Bro has no seductiveness in vocalization to Donald Trump.

“Have we talked to him directly yet?”
“I have not and now we will not.”

You know what this reminds me of? Khizr Khan and his Gold Star family. Instead of only acknowledging that relatives who have mislaid their children to larger causes, Trump chose to mock a Khans’ grief and impugn their family. we would suppose he will do a same with Susan Bro.

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