He Went To Jared… And Extorted Sexual Favors Out Of THOUSANDS Of Employees!

Kay Jewelers


Sterling Jewelers is entrance underneath glow this week as about 250 former employees of Jared a Galleria of Jewelry and Kay Jewelers explain to have been intimately tormented by a company’s leaders in lapse for graduation or pursuit security.

Court papers performed by The Washington Post advise womanlike employees in a late 1990s and 2000s were “routinely groped, demeaned, and urged to intimately support to their bosses to stay employed.”

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It’s even pronounced a tip tier leaders would have “scouting” parties to hunt down appealing employees and “boozy, no-spouses allowed” managers meetings that were described as a “sex-fest.”


A former Kay worker pronounced of a company’s culture:

“Looking back, we can’t trust we did some of a things we had to do. You siphon it adult and do what we have to do for your family. You need this job.”

Another added:

“I didn’t like being alone, anywhere. we used to dismay going [to a meetings]. If we were even remotely appealing or outgoing, that many salespeople are, we were meat, being shopped. It was like nobody knew right from wrong, and there was nobody perplexing to uncover anybody right from wrong. There was no discipline. There was no consequence. You were on your own.”

The class-action fit started behind in 2008 with usually a dozen signatures — though has now grown to embody over 69,000 stream and former women employees.

Although Sterling Jewelers denies a allegations, orator David Bouffard told USA Today:

“The settlement matter contains no authorised claims of passionate harassment. The usually claims approved to ensue on a class-wide basement describe to purported unintended gender compensate and promotions discrimination. Despite years of litigation, millions of pages of support and countless depositions, claimants’ warn have selected not to ensue with passionate nuisance claims. These allegations are being publicized by claimants’ warn to benefaction a distorted, disastrous picture of a company.”

We will positively keep we updated as we learn some-more — though in a meantime, we can review some-more intolerable sum about this outrageous box HERE.

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