Harvey Weinstein Apparently Created A List Of Nearly 100 People To Silence From Going Public With Sexual Misconduct Allegations

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The explanation is in a pudding here — even Harvey Weinstein himself knows how most of a climb he’s been in Hollywood.

According to a new news out this weekend in The Guardian, Weinstein had apparently drafted a request progressing this year that listed out 91 names of Hollywood energy players — actors, producers, publicists, financiers, and other attention workers — who knew several things about his story of passionate misconduct.

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It appears a list’s goal was to keep tabs on intensity accusers in a accordant bid to overpower them — and contingent accusers like Rose McGowan and Laura Madden DO uncover adult on a list.

The list was apparently drafted months before The New York Times‘ contingent exposé in Oct brought Weinstein down for good.

This usually goes to uncover another turn along with progressing news that Weinstein had hired private investigators and spies to disprove accusers and journalists… and usually serve reinforces what a profoundly shitty chairman he’s been.

Horrible, terrible stuff.

More sum on a list itself HERE.

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