Happy Birthday Neetu Singh: From Rafoo Chakkar to Kabhi Kabhie, 5 films where a actor bewitched us

Neetu Singh, neetu kapoor, Neetu Singh birthday, happy birthday neetu singhNeetu Singh, neetu kapoor, Neetu Singh birthday, happy birthday neetu singh Happy Birthday Neetu Singh: Neetu and Rishi Kapoor worked in as many as 11 films.

Neetu Singh was operative in Bollywood during a time when there was a default of tasty roles for women. Yet, Neetu wormed her approach by to a tip joining of a film attention in a brief camber of time. As an actor, Neetu brought a certain attract to her characters that were light-hearted. Her pairing with Rishi Kapoor was favourite by many and so a dual who are married now, worked in as many as 11 films then, giving approach to some of a biggest blockbusters of Bollywood. As Neetu is celebrating her 59th birthday today, here’s a demeanour during 5 films where a actor bewitched a assembly with her behaving talent:

1. Rafoo Chakkar:

Neetu Singh was expel conflicting Rishi Kapoor. The actor played a immature college lady who eventually falls in adore with Rishi’s character. Rafoo Chakkar saw Rishi Kapoor disguising as a lady as he is perplexing to rush from villains after witnessing a murder. Both Neetu and Rishi were during a tip of their games here and a assembly got to see a fun comedy film.

2. Kabhi Kabhie

Yash Raj’s difficult intrigue play Kabhi Kabhie gave Neetu a good event to arrangement her behaving chops. And Neetu didn’t defect us. The film had some of a biggest names from a attention including Amitabh Bachchan, Sashi Kapoor and Rakhi. Yet, Neetu attempted to reason her own. Her intrigue with Rishi Kapoor was positively a prominence of a film.

3. Deewar

Deewar was not Neetu’s film. It was radically about dual brothers who were forced to take dual opposite paths in life due to their circumstances. Yet, Neetu shined in her performance. In a scene, where her impression is holding a review with Sashi Kapoor ( Neetu’s uncle-in-law in genuine life), a actor displays a frankness in her act.

4. Yaarana

Neetu Singh plays Amitabh Bachchan’s regretful seductiveness in a film. The film saw Neetu bathing Amitabh Bachchan’s impression as he moves forward to explain income and celebrity in a singing world. Neetu played a complicated lady who binds her won in annoy of a participation of actors like Amitabh and Amzad Khan.

5. Khel Khel Mein

Khel Khel Mein saw Neetu and Rishi romancing as dual college kids who eventually get concerned with a criminal. Neetu, once again, bewitched assembly with her behaving skills. Her comic timing was appreciated in a film. All a songs from a film including Ek Main Ek Tu became present chartbusters and still sojourn renouned today.

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