Hand Salad, Anyone? The Internet Responds With a Resounding "Nah, We’re Good"

In an aspiring try to debonair adult a idea of crudités and dip, Bon Appétit attempted to make “hand salad” happen. In a recipe’s accompanying article, a author admitted, “We call this a palm salad since lettuce and drop only doesn’t sound like scarcely as many fun.” Despite a probity and poetic design of a supposed palm salad, a internet scarcely imploded.

Social media users were mostly amused by a origination of such an elaborate word to report such a simple culinary concept. Many also forked out that a lettuce would unequivocally only be used as a car to eat some-more of a sauce dip, understandably. Other dauntless souls, however, certified that a palm salad sounds and looks damn good.

Ahead, we’ve dull adult some of a many waggish responses, as good as a twitter that started it all.