Halle Berry Livid: Kylie Minogue Dating Ex Olivier Martinez

It looks like Kylie Minogue is giving her attribute with Olivier Martinez a second chance, most to Halle Berry’s surprise. New reports infer that Kylie and Olivier are hooking adult again, roughly dual years after Halle and a French actor announced their divorce.

Apparently, Kylie and Olivier are creation it no tip that they are behind together again. Eyewitnesses contend that a pint-sized draft topper was speckled sexually kissing her ex-boyfriend during a regretful date in Los Angeles over a weekend. They looked like they were a integrate while enjoying a regretful cooking during luminary hotspot Chateau Marmont. Kylie wore a voluptuous knee-length denim dress while Olivier arrived on his motorcycle. Clearly, a dual former lovebirds have picked adult from where they left off scarcely a decade ago. The integrate separate adult in Feb 2007 after reports indicated that Olivier had allegedly cheated on Kylie.

Of course, a lot of Kylie’s fans are surprised that she would lapse to someone like Olivier. A lot of people contend Olivier’s nauseous side during his flighty attribute with Halle Berry. Everyone remembers how he kick Halle’s baby daddy Gabriel Aubry to a pap during their nasty quarrel behind in 2012. Plus, several reports indicated that one of a reasons since Halle pulled a block on her matrimony with Oliver was since of his bomb temper.

One source close to a conditions even told People Magazine behind in 2015, “Oliver comes from a universe where he was simply intimidated by her ability to work and that she was a breadwinner. He was emasculated by her beauty and her power, and his rage could erupt. He had an bomb rage in a approach that was profoundly frightening. You never knew when he would explode.”

Of course, time will usually tell if Kylie Minogue and Olivier Martinez’s attribute will work a second time around. Kylie isn’t a same lady she was 10 years ago. She’s most comparison now and after so many opposite relations over a years, she knows what she wants. Olivier will have to infer that he’s peaceful to not usually learn from his past mistakes but also provide her with a honour that she deserves. In other words, she won’t put adult with any of his rage tantrums both in open with a paparazzi or behind sealed doors for that matter.

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Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for Chivas Regal