Hailey Baldwin ‘Would Do Anything For’ Justin Bieber!

One reduction waste girl!

According to an US Weekly news published on Tuesday, Hailey Baldwin is positively in adore with her father Justin Bieber… and his family!

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A source exclaimed:

“Hailey is super tighten with [Justin’s] family and has been for years… Hailey would do anything for Justin. He was her initial love.”

Ever given they rekindled their attribute in June, a dual “have gotten really tighten to their faith even some-more so recently.”

On Monday, a indication attended an eventuality for PrettyLittleThing in Los Angeles where they played her man’s strain with DJ Khaled, Chance a Rapper, and Quavo!

“The DJ played No Brainer and she danced to a song… She waved her hands side to side as she sat in her chair and wiggled her shoulders behind and forth.”

Hailey is a #1 Belieber!

[Image around WENN.]