Gwen Stefani Goes Country Christmas Shopping, While Blake Shelton Hangs With Her Dad!

Gwen Stefani competence be gearing adult for a unequivocally republic Christmas!

The No Doubt frontwoman was speckled offered during a Country General Store in Van Nuys, California, on Thursday, where an viewer tells Entertainment Tonight she purchased a camber of western boots, along with churned pairs of pants and western shirts. Stefani was overheard explanation an workman that she was “Christmas offered for family,” and stayed during a store for about an hour.

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The viewer had 0 yet courtesy for a singer, pursuit her “a elegant lady. [She was] unequivocally deferential to a staff and when she was checking out, she was overheard wishing a staff a happy holiday.”

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Meanwhile, it looks like her boyfriend, Blake Shelton, is stealing closer with her family. The republic thespian was speckled during Stefani’s parents’ chateau in Westlake, California, on a same day, where he and mushy Dennis Stefani commissioned boxes into a van. (Christmas gifts, perhaps?) The organisation stood external a home chatting for about 45 minutes, looking lax and happy, according to another eyewitness.

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Looks like Shefani is still going strong, even after coupler mellow 9 of The Voice earlier this week. As for a second favorite charge on a show, Shelton and Adam Levine, a former competence wish to watch his behind over a successive few months.

“I’m gonna cruise of new and stimulating ways to make him feel terrible,” Levine joked after his organisation attainment on Tuesday.

See what else Levine had to contend about his messenger in a actor below.

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